Advantages - Position



We have strong workforce as a key factor for our development. The young and enthusiasm engineers regularly trained, who are not only updated with advanced programming technology but also have specialized knowledge of software application and perennial experience in deployment of big projects.

Focused on special market segments for the medium and large – scaled enterprises, we attained a high positioning and confidence. Monitoring and control the quality under ISO 9001:2000 standard, we created professional working process and high-quality products satisfying strict regulations of customers as well as Vietnamese and international regime.

BRAVO’s solution is comprehensive with a scope of applying software to multi-departments model with “Flexible System” allows the complement and program adjustment in accordance with customers’ requirements and changes of environment, regime and policies in the future development of enterprise.

Market position

BRAVO is one of the first suppliers of financial, accounting and Enterprise Resources Planning software in Vietnam (ERP). Our strong point is that we profoundly understand Vietnamese accounting regime, managerial features of Vietnamese enterprises, international accounting and its experience in software deployment.

BRAVO's key segments are:

  • Mechanical and steel industry
  • Securities – Finance
  • Textile – Wrapping industry
  • Mining industry
  • Tobacco production
  • Pharmaceutical – Foodstuff industry
  • Trading – Service - Telecommunication
  • Construction – Real estate industry
  • Water supply and urban environment
  • FDI enterprises

Assessed by big enterprises and many consulting groups in Vietnam, BRAVO is appreciated to be a leading software company of supplying the quality products and professional services.