Mission & Vision


Building and developing a sustainably developed organization based on knowledge, intelligence of the company’s members aim to enhance their efficiency of management, improve competitiveness and business activities via the consultancy on IT solutions and IT application. Thus, BRAVO will contribute to the country development, community support as well as create the best environment of the talent-career development for all staff and enrich their spiritual and material lives.


In the context of Vietnam’s strong renovation and dramatic development, each person and organization also desire to contribute to that development. Therefore, as the supplier of financial – accounting – ERP softwares with the target of enhancing governance capability for customers, BRAVO’s business principle orients to “Profession – Quality Continuous learning, renovation and perfection”. BRAVO has been made ceaseless efforts to be highly appreciated by customers about product quality and services and become one of their “Keys for Management".

Long - Term Vision (Strategy)

Therefore, BRAVO’s long-term development strategy represents via the following orientations:

  • Product quality and services are key factors, building brand name based on quality.
  • Competitiveness is enhanced by research, application of modern technologies and advanced management process.
  •  Fields of informatics technology and financial consultancy are made further investment.
  • BRAVO defines human resources as the core factor for development and the original value of any organization to become “Learning company”.