Research & Product


In BRAVO, the amount of money invested for Research & Development is equivalent to 20% total budget of the company so as to improve new technology that focus on:

  • Modern programming language.
  • Large Database.
  • Research & up to date accounting regime, process of enterprise management.

Above all, we improve and control the Research & Development process under ISO 9001-2000.

Current and future products

BRAVO products are researched, designed and developed on the basis of the State criteria and norms, meeting different needs of customers. The criteria must be achieved on producing a BRAVO software are:

  • Advanced: BRAVO products are equipped with advanced programming languages, large database and designed with multi-layer model, which allowing store large data volume.
  • Adminstration:  A supportive tool for managers to analyze, supervise and make plan for their working schedule, effectively support for real-time decisions. The multi level and multi-dimension management help managers examine and analyze information from many aspects and obtain a general view about the current health of enterprises thereby making timely business decisions.
  • Comprehensiveness: BRAVO’s products always comply with the current regulations of financial and accounting regime. The modules of the software is designed in accordance with accounting operation and management of enterprises. Help data connection among department, access data remotely... Moreover, the system remotes data, integrates with multi-user network, security and detailed decentralization to each operations and functions.
  • Efficiency:This product was created with features match with user manipulation to link the sales and purchase system… Dispersion by Online connectivity, Fast data look up, avoid missed business opportunities and increase sales. Early warning systems on financial targets actively help enterprises in avoiding the risk of production and business activities.
  • Open system: The flexible and adjustable systems allow collecting data from subsidiaries in multi-levels, easily integrate with enterprise’s system. The flexible structure permits addition of new data, ready for the future development of the company and the changes of State policies and regimes.


BRAVO software for enterprises with the following versions:

  • BRAVO 3.0
  • BRAVO 3.1
  • BRAVO 3.2
  • BRAVO 4.1
  • BRAVO 5.0
  • BRAVO 6.0
  • BRAVO 6.3
  • BRAVO 6.3 SE
  • BRAVO 7
  • BRAVO 7 R2

BRAVO PUB for administrative units, and projects of the government:

  • BRAVO PUB 4.0
  • BRAVO PUB 5.0
  • BRAVO PUB 6.0
  • BRAVO PUB 6.0A
  • BRAVO PUB 6.0B
  • BRAVO 7 - PUB

The latest product of BRAVO is BRAVO 7 R2 (ERP) version which is developed on the .NET framwork with database SQL Server.