Cash Management


This module manages expends/incomes/balance of cash and deposits correlative to each currency: USD or VND, control the receivables and payables; report adequate information about funds, plans of receivables and payables to balance reasonably.

Support and co-operate:

Accounting Department, Executive Board.

Main features:

  • Computerize and automatically print cash receipt/payment voucher, payment order, debit note, credit note.
  • Supervise and account receivables/payables of funds; manage the withdrawal and deposit from banks correlative to various currencies: VND, USD, EUR, etc.
  • Account receivables/payables/advance according to subjects, contracts, projects, etc.; Collect expenses according to categories.
  • Settle the payment of purchasing invoices, receivable note, Balance of debits and credits.
  • Automatically calculate the exchange rate, evaluate and compare them at the end of term (month/quarter/year)
  • Monitor the credit limit of each bank. Alert expired contracts on dashboard.
  • Report the amount of money in the fund and bank accounts
  • Set up and calculate loan interest or customers’ overdue payment
  • Tracking and planning debits and credits, loan payments based on contracts. Compare receivables and payables between the expected plan and the fact.
  • Print report: cash book, cash account book, loans detail book, general journal, cash receipt/payment journal, deposit book, calculation table of loans interest, Cash flow statement, etc.
  • Print administration reports: review the situation of revenues and expenditures by items/departments, incomes and expenditures report of funds, plan of repaying loans and so on.
  • Create analytic report and forecasts for cash flow in need. Based on the data in the funds, due payment in the period, the software program predicted excess or shortfall of cash flows in the future.

Integrated modules: with module "Sales Management", "Purchasing Management", "Production Statistics & Costing", "Payroll” and “General Ledger”.