Enterprise Governance


Connecting organic data to other modules which is a center for updating, developing financial management plans, revenue, costs as well as consolidating data to set up for the administrative reports for enterprise.

Support and co-ordination:

Accounting Department, Business Leaders, Information for other departments.

Main features:

Planning management (sales / cost / production, etc.): In enterprise, planning and tracking the implementation of sales targets, purchase, cost, etc. are very important:

  • Software allows users to set goals for product consumption plans, purchase plans, targets, and loan time etc. through "Revenue Plan", "Purchase Plan" "Credit Line", etc.
  • Combine these plans with the daily actual data updated in the software, at any time (month, quarter, year) leader can view the data or analyzed report comparing the actual and planning, etc. then to make a decision whether or not to adjust the target plan to fit with the current status of business operation.
  •  Print report: Credit line report, Reports of comparison between actual and planned revenue, Reports of comparison between actual and planned purchasing, etc.

Cash flow management (the in and out of cash flow and expected revenue, etc.):

  • BRAVO software allows users to set up management system to track up receipt and expenditure and issue alerts of the amount of money in/out, etc. through data of the modules with the function "Contract management, Order, Delivery Progress and Credit Line, etc."
  • Print report: Report on analyzing and forecasting cash flow, report on receipt and expenditure, reports on receipt and expenditure of funds.

Analysis of cost management

  • BRAVO is designed to ensure the strict management of corporate expenditures and in accordance with the plan.
  • Manage tracking and build up plan for expenditure by each expenditure category, department, etc.
  • Print report: expenditure plan, cost summary report (plan/ actual), expenditure list by category/ department, etc.

Analysis of management reports

  • Print Management Report: Summarize of receipt and expenditure status by category/ department, report on receipt and expenditure of the enterprise's funds, plan for expenditure on loan re-payment .
  • Print Management Report: Receipt and Expenditure plan, Revenue and Expense analysis, inventory enterprise's assets, Some Performance Indicators, Corporate Financial Analysis, summarize results of production and business by department, etc.

Integrated Modules:: Link data with other modules to take, consolidate and analyze the data.