General Ledger Enterprise Administration


General accounting & enterprise administration link data among modules. This is center of updating, planning financial management, revenue, expenses and collecting data to form financial, tax and administrative statements.

Support and co-ordination:

Accounting & Planning Department, Executive Board.

Main features:

Investors Management

  • With investor: BRAVO manages the entire process through the declaration of the "List of projects", "Cost plan of work projects" and vouchers related goods through receipts/ expenditure/ import/ export/ share accountings.
  • In addition to monitoring the progress of work, BRAVO program monitors and controls settings "transaction" related to each project.
  • Print Report: Book of the construction costs, Book cost of project management, capital investment report. Report on implementation of investment, investment settlement report, balance sheet, etc.

Overtake business in the end of term

  • In addition to the data from other modules, the integrated accounting also implement other accounting profession through "Journal Entry," "Clearing note". At the same time handling the accounting profession through the outer table entry screen "Off balance sheet account."
  • Declare define the type of transaction (business) incurred by the other modules through the use of screen update "transactions list", "list type", "chart of accounts", "Type of business".
  • The automatic features:
    • Create foreign exchange accounting entries automatically.
    • Accounting entries in period (as quoted fee, perceivable income in period).
    • The last term discount.
    • Create recurring journal entries.
    • Create entries of closing, the transfer and distribution.
  • Print account book: the ledger, detail book, account balance sheet, diaries, sales revenue detail book, etc. report in many models (general diary, recording vouchers, journal vouchers)

Manage Tax Reporting

  • Control VAT declaration according to term of Vietnamese law.
  • Design and print invoices through Automatically Print features on BRAVO software.
  • Print tax reports: VAT declaration, list of invoices for goods and services for purchases/sales, list of adjusted VAT, deducted of goods and services, summary VAT and other obligation.
  • Establish and print Luxury Tax: Declaration of luxury Tax, list with bills of sold goods & services, taxable sold services, etc.
  • Connected with the data to “Tax Declaration assistance programs” of General Tax Bureau.

Planning Management (Revenue & Expenses)

  • Tracking and planning the Expense and Revenue as well as Sales and Purchasing operation are the crucial factors to monitor enterprise.
  • BRAVO helps setting goal of Revenue, updating data on Purchase Planning, Credit Limits, etc. by inputting data performance on the software like “Revenue Planning”, “Purchasing Planning”, “Credit Limited” of each bank, etc.
  • These plans are in combination with actual data daily updates to the software, at any given time (month, quarter, year) leaders can view the report data, analysis reports compared actual numbers with planned one. On that basis, CEO could make a decision whether or not adjust the plan to fit the target on the operation of the business.
  • Print report: Reports on credit limits, comparison on real and estimated revenue/sales, etc.

Expenses Management

  • BRAVO software helps manager ensure the amount of cost of enterprise is under control and plan-abiding.
  • Planning, tracking and monitoring the Expenses by categories, groups, etc.
  • Print Report: Expenditure Planning, General Reports, Cost list and so on.

Create Financial Statement, Management Reports

  • Financial Statement: Balance sheet, Statement of comprehensive income, Statement of cash flows, etc.
  • Administration Report: Revenue and expenditure plans, Analysis of revenue and cost, asset inventory, indicators evaluating business operations, financial reporting, summary business operations results of each part.

Integrated modules:  Link data with other modules to receive and collect data.