Easily connect with the other software and devices

Developed on Microsoft's advanced .NET programming technology, used SQL Server database management system and is designed in a layered architecture (3-D architecture: Interface, Processor and Data), so BRAVO software allows to link to another software system easily.

BRAVO software can be linked to most different management software systems using a variety of database management systems such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 ... BRAVO software has successfully connected to several systems of other software projects which have been deployed such as ERP solutions (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamic ...); specialized software such as Securities trading system core of Tong Yang (Korea), FLEX or R-keeper-Restaurant software management systems, IPOS, ... Moreover, BRAVO can connect the system with peripherals such as electronic weighing scales (table scales, weighing scales), timekeeping machines, inventory control equipment, bar code reader, ... to supply and record data.

BRAVO software makes it possible to connect to a second software system in a variety of ways to ensure flexibility and accuracy

▪ Two-way indirect data connection via Excel data file: BRAVO software receives Excel data files extracted from other software systems or exported to Excel files in the standard formatted format so that others can receive data.

▪ Two-way database to database connection between BRAVO software and second software systems: BRAVO software retrieves data directly from the database of other software or uses the view to push data of BRAVO for other software. In particular, the BRAVO software program allows the connection and transmission of data with other software systems according to the real time.

▪ Synchronize data between the BRAVO software system and transaction database of website systems or online payment networks.

A number of projects have implemented the data connection between BRAVO and the second software system has successfully implemented:

▪ Connect to the SAP software system in the development project for Bridgestone Vietnam Tire Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Dream tech Vietnam Co., Ltd, Regent Garment Co., Ltd.

▪ Connected with Tong Yang Securities, FLEX in deploying projects for Sai Gon Securities Company Hanoi, MB Securities Company, BIDV Securities.

▪ Connect with the WITH Golf management software system in the implementation project for Noble Vietnam Limited

▪ Connect to R-keeper, IPOS retail software systems in deployments for Myway, Saint-Honore, ...

▪ Connected with electronic weighing system, inventory control, barcode reader in the project implementation for South East Asia Steel Joint Stock Company, Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Joint Stock Company, Hoa Phat Steel JSC, JSC Minh Phu steel ...