Compatibility of BRAVO Software

Designed with three layouts and ".NET Framework", the programming language C# in combination with SQL Server database, BRAVO is operated with large data volumes that allows connect to other software easily.

BRAVO is compatible with almost popular accounting system with various database management system such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc. In fact, there are many ERP systems that simultaneously operate in enterprise with BRAVO software like ASP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamic, Retail Management system Rkeeper, Tong Yang (Korea) and so on. Besides, BRAVO could be connected to various peripheral like Check Point Security Appliances, telecommunications equipment to supply and record the data.

There are several approaches to system integration including the following:

  • Mediate file: integration can be accomplished, using XML work frame. The data would be converted from software into Excel file exported from other software or Excel file formatted toward a standard form due to the exchange and import data.
  • Directly connection (Database to Database transference) between BRAVO software and a second system. BRAVO software fetched the data from one database and insert in to another database table. In particular, BRAVO offers the communication and set up connection with other software in real-time period.
  • Synchronize data: data will be synchronized from ERP software to database transactions web-based application or Web services such as Online Payment.

Here are several instances of successful projects deployed with other ERP systems:

  • SAP ERP system (one of the leading ERP suppliers in the world) in the project of deploying software for Regent Garment Co. Ltd.
  • Core Securities (supplied by Tong Yang – Korea Group) in the project of deploying software for Saigon – Hanoi Fund Management Company (SHF) and Military Bank Securities JSC (MBS).
  • Management system for Van Tri Golf club: corporated with SanhaIT in the project of deploying ERP solution for Noble Vietnam Co. Ltd.
  • Rkeeper Management System: BRAVO software connect to POS management system - Rkeeper in the project of deploying software for chain of restaurants/stores of My Way Hospitality Co., Ltd and Saint Honore Co. Ltd.
  • Weight station system: in the project deployed with many companies like Vietnam Construction Materials Company Ltd., ASEAN Steel JSC, TISCO, Thang Long Feed Mill Factory, etc.