Customer Relationship Managerment


Program supports sales staff to search and manage customer’s information effectively; provides management tools such as statistical & analytic function, assessment of business as well as to determine the effectiveness of employee, etc. support and co-ordination: Sales department and Board
of director.


  • Enter information (Name, address, tax code) and classify customer data in tree shape. The customer classification and evaluation could be divided into many groups (such as potential customer) or divide by region/business fields.
  • Up to date and analyze customer's requirement status, picture files and documents (customer's information, transactions, principal contracts).
  • Record transactions by stages of sales and transactions between staff and customers (calling, negotiation, sending contract).
  • Manage quotations and contracts by basic articles, contract and quotation status (contracts have been signed or sent).
  • Manage information about promotions, concessions, discounts and price policy of enterprise. Restore all modifications of quotations and contracts.
  • Making plan for staff and control the progress of completion. The function “Working schedule” enables them to monitor daily tasks. Function “Decentralization” allows staffs to view transactions of each other or not. Managers could help sales staff with optimal marketing.
  • Record post-sales transactions, update status of supporting customer.
  • Easily search transactions, quotations and contracts by code or name.
  • Print report: List potential customers, enumerate transaction figures and sale orders (according by goods, times). 

​INTEGRATED MODULES:“Sales management”, “Production management” and “Finance – accounting management”