Application for Website

Recently, with the leap in applying of wireless technologies, we developed a version that allows accessing software online via the internet or wireless gadgets. Along with the ability to easily connect network devices, the trend of manage software online via Internet platform and handheld devices was widely applying. Keep up with this trend, BRAVO has researched and provided a solution that allows administrators can access data on BRAVO software via the Web interface, using handheld devices with the browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. It was updated information on all activities of enterprise instantly and accurately (in real time) anywhere to make business decisions effectively.

Manager can access their ERP for updating Administrative report from mobiles, tablets, laptops:

BRAVO runs 01 parallel software that uses the same databases to provide user with information about the operation of the business such as:

  • Support for review/ examine arising vouchers online.
  • Access all crucial reports. For examples:
    • Cash Management Report.
    • Order Management Reports, Sales Report, Purchase Order Report.
    • Analytic Report on profit and loss.
    • Inventory Management Report.
    • Vendor Liability Report.

Online recruitment application system:

Apps run simultaneously with the main system due to support an online recruitment system, which includes these features:

  • Store and manage candidate information.
  • Include pre-screens, phone screens, candidate reviews, interviews, assessments, offers, and background checks, as well as your own custom recruiting activities in the workflow.
  • Automatically export data related to recruitment into BRAVO or the other file.
  • Reporting: statistic figures related to recruitment management.

The login program and access information from handheld devices will be tightly controlled by BRAVO security program to ensure that the enterprise's information security protection against information leakage in operations business process.