Application in business

The workflow with multiple department involved will be applied on BRAVO software to optimize processing operations, ensure the continuity of employment and improving productivity of employees and data accuracy.

BRAVO software is capable of performing most of the business tasks of an enterprise such as: Sales, purchase, warehouse, production, human resources - salary, finance - accounting ... to connect data of those parts into a unified whole as well.

In addition, BRAVO software supports monitoring plans, cost analysis, order management, contract management, etc… to meet the administrative needs of multiple departments with difference targets in an organization.

The basic benefit of using bravo applications for managing corporation system

   ▪ Access information quickly with precision, safety and stable in real time.

   ▪ Help synchronize data source base on process to avoid duplication of work task.

   ▪ Monitor and balance the financial capacity and business production in the enterprise.

   ▪ Monitor and track delivery process as well as get items from suppliers.

   ▪ Enhanced compatibility with business processes quickly.

   ▪ Scalable business system will produce synchronous and fast.

   ▪ Reduce time flow and fast turn around for goods and commodities and supplies.

   ▪ Meet the requirements of e-commerce and digital business.

   ▪ Minimize unreasonable costs and monitor expenses closely.

   ▪ ...

Enterprises of industrial era 4.0 no longer satisfied with the individual tracking process. The desire comprehensive enterprise management solution.