Extension Capacity

With 3-layer-structure, flexible and simple declaration mode, BRAVO software could easily add features and as well as subsystems when enterprises extend their scale of production. The new functions or new modules are upgraded, expanded, added that will be integrated and linked to the legacy system without affecting the stability of the software during its implementation and create a complete system.

Software development in depth:

Being designed with the open-minded theory, BRAVO can easily declare and add essential features as well as activate the software (such as creating drill down function to original voucher, business analysis,…) in order to assist and increase productivity for software user (easily add new document, the information in old document, features of look up and research,etc…).

Software development in width:

BRAVO software involves many modules, each module will serve chain of work in various section. When enterprises extend extra section or management process (or add more departments, management process, supplement business fields), BRAVO will be upgraded extra subsystem as well as added features to suit enterprises. (Add new subsystem as production Management, warranty management, share holder management, etc.)

▪ Process steps to expand the software upgrade:

- Receive the need to upgrade and expand
- Survey and record the extension requirements and new upgrade.
- Analyze requirements, research, design and suggest implement solution.
- Negotiate solution and exchange upgraded contract with customer
- Adjust and add modules and design software: Adjust database, the programmer designs the data update screen, set up the output reports, search data.
- Check the correct of the features, modules newly added to the software.
- Install and adjust detail on the software at the customer’s work offices.
- Train and support the new functions.
- Maintenance upgraded software.