BRAVO outstanding features

Cutting edge technology

  • BRAVO is designed with 3-layers and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Framework, the programming language C# in combination with SQL Server database, which enables to operate with large data volumes and work well with WAN network access and track data from multiple moments (real time).
  • Operations Systems: Microsoft Windows Server, Clients, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc…

Flexible and friendly interface

  • BRAVO interface is designed with multi-layouts and customized to meet both personnel and multi department's need, equipped with Unicode (integrative English, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese interface, etc…)

Convenient research engine

  • Capability of performing menu in tree map or subgroup, easily analyze the data. Allow drag and drop while transferring data groups.
  • Not limit the field of information concerning each object. Make provision to manage the data generated by the particular requirements in future.
  • Make provision to manage the data generated by particular requirements in future.
  • Search and check the entity (ID, name, properties etc.) by the field objects and simply export or import the data from Excel into software and vice versa.

Multi-currencies accounting

  • Update arising accounting with foreign currency (VND, USD, YPJ, EUR) automatically calculate exchange rate by many methods.
  • Convert reports in correlative currency as users set default.

“Drilldown” data

  • Drilldown data from “General statements (balance sheet of accounts) - Details (book details) – vouchers”. For example: user could easily track out payment vouchers from receipt, check relating data (contracts, invoices etc.) of each entity.

Update and manage vouchers by “Status”

  • Manage voucher status (Waiting for checking -> wait for completing -> completed -> Log/ delete) and use it for transition within enterprise according to workflow. At the same time, user permissions on state of vouchers are set by administrator.
  • Automatically number vouchers, easily search entity for tasks like copy, paste, delete or import data in the process of updating documentations.
  • Tracking documents by transaction (create, edit, delete or change status…).

Protection System

  • Manage access to program by name and password. Software allows an user to log in, log out and set different privilege levels by doing manual actions. Vouchers are recognized by details of voucher.
  • Allow to record entire history of users Operations by ID, specially, software could rewrite even the new values and the older while changing data.
  • Control remote access via MAC address, user name, etc.

Software management

  • Allows administering to data from multiple member companies (subsidiaries, branch…) modeled concentration or dispersion.
  • Managing associated data and data flow, multiple departments and business processes according to manage characteristics.
  • Updated data from the system remotely via the Internet. Retrieve data through personal devices such as laptops, phones, tablets… in real time.

Reports on software

  • Create report through the years, compare the index in the same periods by many kinds of method such as: table, graphs, charts.
  • The tools of software is created and analyzed data flexibly with filtering condition according to inputting data which will be shown on the reports.
  • “Drill-down” technique allows tracking back to original documents. Summary detail original entries.
  • Export reports into many formats such as Excel, pdf, txt, csv, xml, etc. In particular, the formula in Excel will be maintained entirely after exporting.

Integrative System

  • Connect directly with the declaration supporting software of General Department of Taxation. Simultaneously connection with other software systems through intermediate data file Excel, CSV, XML…
  • In particular, software BRAVO designed to easily connect directly with other software products (database to database).