BRAVO software overview

Cutting edge technology

Bravo is designed on .NET technology with C# language in combination with SQL Server database, which are developed by Microsoft corporation.

Flexible system easy for adjustment 

BRAVO software was flexibly designed with 3-layer-architect, easy to adjust in accordance with customer’s requirement. In addition, the flexible structure enables to spread the modules of program as well as connect to other software.

Manager’s assistant

Making important decision needs accurate in-time information. When applying BRAVO software in Manufacturing and Operations Management, objects of enterprise would be performed on Dashboard and reported on real-time data quickly. Thus, operating company and making decision become easier. 

Feature modules with flexibility

Along with the development of enterprises, changing on requirements management would lead to overloading of the closed design software. At the same time, the diversity and characteristics of the business lines make the problem become more complex if the software is not well organized and flexibly designed.

Thanks to flexible open design, BRAVO 8 software allows to modify, edit, add or remove features in each part of the system and integrate new modules based on demand of each enterprise’s management. BRAVO 8 also enables users to design the performance of program easily, form of all input documents and proactively design the form of documents and reports on output data.

Work handle progress step by step (Workflow)

Workflow of the business requires various departments and personnel involved. The working process always needs coordination and identical data among employees, departments. However, these issues are so complicated and needed to regulate the order of implementation steps to avoid the duplication and errors. BRAVO allows users to declare/define the sequential working process in accordance with the actual operation of the enterprises.

The order of tasks will be rotated automatically according to process (workflow) designed on the software. Users just have to complete their operations and the data will automatically be linked to the next system processes. Meanwhile software displays a warning for users in the next stage of that process through state of transactions.


There are various of benefits and increasing values enterprise received when deploying and applying BRAVO solutions:

Effective information governance, increase turnover and profit

▪ The warning of cash flow and financial index to help with pro-activ situation, meanwhile avoiding the risks of business operations (warning of capital loss, or liabilities, due loan, inventory, expired term storage, etc.).

▪ Support to sale process by connecting purchase/sale points in one system via online network. Quickly research data, easily grasp information to take opportunities and raise turnover.

Comprehensive administration on the same system (Applied for corporations or big company)

▪BRAVO software and solution enables to manage corporation model (enterprise have lots of branches, subsidiaries) by integrating all business operations into a single real-time system which spreads across all sites and departments.

▪The program has flexible design, which is easily expanded the scope of management and provide more modules or features for enterprise in the development and expansion period when necessary.

Save Cost for Operations Management

▪ Improve the efficiency of enterprise operations management, maximize staff’s productivity by coherent work-flow from a department/function to another to ensure smooth transition of processes.

▪ Fewer staffs are needed to manage and supervise the operations, which means saving cost on management.

▪ BRAVO solution delivers fully-integrated modules and functionality (sales order management, purchasing management, manufacturing management, financial management, etc.) in a single ERP system that would save amount of money invested for software.

Co-operate with a trustworthy partner, promise growing profits.

▪ BRAVO is a prestigious company in the market, with extensive experience and products are always accompanied by process consulting, management for all customers. For many years BRAVO has been recognized by prestigious rating agencies and won many titles such as "TOP 10 products of Sao Khue 2016, 2017"; "TOP 40 Vietnam IT Company 2015"; "TOP 50 IT Company of Vietnam 2016", "TOP 50 IT Company 2017".

▪ BRAVO supplies the best sales services and after-sales as well as monitor internal operation system strictly abide by ISO 9001:2000.

(And more benefits that software would bring to customer…)