BRAVO software overview

BRAVO software overview

BRAVO is an overall management solution, supports the leaders in resources planning (human – human resources – physical resources) and supports all divisions of enterprises operation professional work and share information efficiently through work process is standardized when handover the software.

New software product of BRAVO was created on the basis of using .NET programming technology with SQL Server database. This is a key component in the “Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solution – ERP” that BRAVO provides. When applying BRAVO product in enterprise, each of the departments involved to use the software will be decentralized to login, manipulate data and use specific, evidently features to ensure the confidentiality of the data when all people commonly used in the software system.

Key for management

In recent times, people say the world is “flat”. In other words, information is considered to be the most precious “property” of enterprises. Therefore, the chance to grasp information fast and accurately might be the key to success. Again, applying Information Technology to manage their business operations becomes more important than ever. Software helps administrators getting correct information immediately with analysis& statistical tools. Furthermore, ERP systems provide timely & accurate data among all departments and update the overview of their business operations anytime, anywhere with data generated in real-time.

Our solution is the perfect combination of “innovative technology” and “intensive experience of consulting and deploying software”. Therefore, BRAVO software might be your “Key for management”.

There are various of benefits and increasing values enterprise received when deploying and applying BRAVO solutions in Operations Management:

Save Cost for Operations Management

  • BRAVO solution would improve the efficiency of enterprise operations management, maximize staff’s productivity by coherent work-flow from a department/function to another to ensure smooth transition of processes.
  • Fewer staffs are needed to manage and supervise the operations, which means saving cost on management.
  • BRAVO solution delivers fully-integrated modules and functionality (sales order management, purchasing management, manufacturing management, financial management, etc.) in a single ERP system that would save amount of money invested for software.

Effectively manage information, increase revenue and profits.

  • The warning of cash flow and financial index to help with pro-active situation, meanwhile avoiding the risks of business operations (warning of capital loss, or liabilities, due loan, inventory, expired term storage, etc.).
  • Support to sale process by connecting purchase/sale points in one system via online network. Quickly research data, easily grasp information to take opportunities and raise turnover.

Provide visibility and hence enable better collaboration across all departments in one system (apply for big corporations)

  • BRAVO software and solution enables to manage corporation model (enterprise have lots of branches, subsidiaries) by integrating all business operations into a single real-time system which spreads across all sites and departments.
  • The program has flexible design, which is easily expanded the scope of management and provide more modules or features for enterprise in the development and expansion period when necessary.

Co-operate with a trustworthy partner, promise growing profits.

  • BRAVO has been a company which has market reputable, experiences, quality with service that no fee required for technic consultancy, installment and maintenance.
  • BRAVO supplies the best sales services and after-sales as well as monitor internal operation system strictly abide by ISO 9001:2000.

(And more benefits that software would bring to customer…)