Asset Management


Helping enterprise manage their assets (fixed assets, tools) about both the quality and value to end-users and any section, monitor any changes of asset ( asset appreciation and depreciation, overhaul, rotation, etc.), manage depreciation, tool allocation, extra installation and asset liquidation.

Support and co-ordination:

Accounting Department, Department of Asset Management, Board of Directors

Main features:

  • Make and print assets note in detail.
  • Create and print a card of accepting asset changes (Transferring to another departments, asset appreciation and depreciation, changing the purpose of using assets etc.) Asset Liquidation
  • Minutes, Tool Issuing, Card of asset changes (damage, liquidation, etc.) on the software.
  • Create and provide quick warning screen about condition of the asset (such as fixed assets awaiting for liquidation, tools issued for usage).
  • Monitor assets displacement under group, capital resource accumulation, section, purpose for use, manager, etc.
  • Monitor assets displacement (extra installment, removal, deduction, depreciation, liquidation, etc.) in using terms.
  • Monitor times for delivery, value of expense allocation.
  • Control condition of tool (breakdown report, repair, liquidation, etc.) at the department.
  • Manage and calculate depreciation plan of fixed asset per year.
  • Automatically calculate and account fixed assets depreciation under capital resource. Calculate depreciation in straight line and descend.
  • Calculate value distribution asset and tool in expense of terms.
  • Print reports: Asset Book, summary of asset, asset book in detailed, depreciation calculation table, decrease/increase asset, asset checking report, tools value allocation, situation table of using tools, etc.
  • Report scheduled maintenance, maintenance of equipment and machinery in the period. Warning on the dashboard screen schedule periodic maintenance of each machine and equipment.

Integrated modules: “General Ledger”, “Inventory Management”, “Cash Management”.