Fixed Asset Management


Helping administration department, mechanical, technical, manufacturing and management of factories system, offices, machines, equipment, transportation (collectively referred to as equipment, asset) …in enterprise. Management from the asset and equipment profile to asset and equipment maintenance plan; warning and tracking the implementation of maintenance and repair; updating and looking up schedule, operation history of equipment…Helping to minimize the damage, improving productivity and efficiency of the exploitation and operation asset and equipment.

Support and co-ordination:

Mechanical and Technical Department, Manufacturing Department, Administration Department, Executive Board.

Key features:

  • Declare/register the list of equipment and fixed asset (synchronized with the asset accounting department about the catalogues) with detailed information about factory, year of manufacture, specifications and operation capacity,…
  • Management of equipment profile
    • Update and manage profiles such as registration, registry, insurance paper,… of each asset and equipment.
    • Updating, tracking and warning duration of papers, administration profile. Management of the agencies information to implement the license, extension of the administrative records of devices to supply the new grant and expansion when need.
    • Attach the documents such as instruction, recommendations, regulations of maintenance of manufacture,...or photo of equipment, photo/file scan of administrative records



  • Update hand – over information, allocate to department or directly management of asset and equipment.
  • Update and manage operation history of equipment.
  • Manage the maintenance cycle of equipment:
    • Declare a list of categories, components and accessories that must be repaired or replaced periodically.
    • Update norms, cycle of maintenance or replacement of each item, components, accessories of each equipment.
    • Flexible declare norms, maintenance cycle, replacement of each equipment such as number of days (month, year), number of hours of operation, number of operating hours, etc. Run parameters values are also opened the change for the period for matching a year equipment.
    • Function, report warning categories, components, accessories of each equipment to the maintenance, replacement.
  • Declare norms of consumable materials when performing maintenance, replacing each item of maintenance, replacement of each equipment. Warning the amount of material needed to carry out the maintenance plan periodically.
  • Update the incident report, the failure of the equipment. Plan, monitor and control the process of maintenance, repair or fabrication of internal or outsourced equipment. Keep track of maintenance logs, repair of equipment.
  • The reports for management and administration: Report on categories, components and accessories required maintenance, replacement, Report on replacement materials needs, Report on using status, Report on logs/equipment logs…
  •  ...

Integrated modules: Link and inherit data with modules “Asset Accounting”, “Inventory Management”, “Manufacturing Management”.