Inventory Management


Inventory management helps control the value, the number of materials, inventory imperial, the rotation, use of materials and avoid damage during storage. Make and share control of import/export of materials, goods in production and delivering process.

Support and co-ordination:

Accounts and Purchasing Department, Executive Board.

Main features:

  • Computerize and print stock receipt note, stock issue note, inventory adjustment, issue note for assembly, tools and in equipment issue notes.
  • In order of information treatment of a lot of stores, materials, receipt/delivery under many calculation units (Ton-Kg, package – box, etc.) Apportion transportation expense and others to orders and lots.
  • Manage material input/output by pack (each pack includes many materials).
  • Allocation of transportation costs and other expenses (for customs fees, handling costs) for details of materials and goods or specific receive notes.
  • Management materials limitation, goods in inventory (inventory declared maximum, minimum number).
  • Analysis of old materials, goods in the warehouse.
  • Storage and delivery management under many standard forms (materials code, group, type of import/delivery).
  • Manage and monitor the order, similarly based on production plan and inventories calculated by sales goods plan.
  • Automatic calculation of COGS under methods:
    • Real name
    • Weighted average
    • Monthly Average
    • FIFO (First in-first out)
  • Periodical inventory and automatically generate the issue notes when the inventory is completed.
  • Print Reports: Detailed materials Book, store card, General sheet: Receipt – Delivery – Inventory, allowable inventory report, slow displacement materials report, materials demand.

Integrated modules: with modules “Purchasing Management”, “Sales Management”, “Production Management” and “Financial Accounting”