POS – Retail management


This module supports the implementation and controls the entire process in retail stores, stalls, etc. to help businesses manage the retails distribution system.

Support and co-ordination:

Sales Department (chain of stores, showrooms, point of sale).  Accounting department, Warehouse Department, Executive Board.

Main features:

  • Make list of computers (kiosks, shops) and retail employees. Declare and control decentralization of retail employees on software (For examples: Software does not permit modification and change data on transactions, etc aim to avoid fraud in work).
  • Establish and print open-session-document, money transfer records. Automatically open session.
  • Create and print retail bills, minutes of allotted money when open session (software supports automatically calculating receivables, discount, etc.)
  • Create and print report on returned goods.
  • Recognize and monitor goods by barcode, serial, image. Automatically identify and print barcode on the software.
  • Manage goods by storage, point of sales. Manage and track the movement of goods among stores, shops, location (tray, shelves,...)
  • Establish policies of retail sales: discount, decrease, gifts etc. to each commodity groups, items, customers, shops, etc.
  • Manage close customers by magnetic cards, electronic cards, bonus points, classify the customer card class.
  • Look up the relevant information on each item/customer… quickly and conveniently.
  • Various payment methods (cash, credit card, e-payment, bonus card, prepaid card, etc.)
  • Create and print report on different currency repaid in the end of session.
  • Analyse and track the retail bills of each staff and payment methods (cash, credit, e-payment, etc.)
  • Automatically accumulate and account the figures from retail bills, financial invoices then make general ledger. Create and print management reports, revenue reports, etc.
  • Establish and print report on retail revenue (by date, staff, session, customer classification) summary report and detail report of delivery goods. Report on establish VAT retail bills, and so on.

Integrated modules: “Customer Management”, “Sales Management”, “Inventory Management” and “Finance – accounting management”.