Purchasing Management


This module is built on the principles of purchasing and payables management, our program permits users to control the purchasing under different criteria and monitor payables according to each contract, purchasing order, etc.

Especially, program supports managers to set up plans for purchasing goods and settle supplier's payment timely and accurately.

Support and co-operation:

Accounting and Purchasing Department, Executive Board.

Main features:

  • Computerize and print purchasing order, purchasing note, custom cost, payment vouchers, cleaning note deposit documents for suppliers.
  • Check and approve the vouchers and notes via their “status” (Set up – approved but uncompleted – Stocked-in without accounting – Completed – Locked).
  • Supervise and automatically account VA, excise tax, import tax according to customs declaration; allocate expenses of purchasing, deliver; import tax for items and lot of goods (by value or quantity).
  • Supervise to fell an order/contracts/payables of each goods lot, suppliers, customer order, etc.; balance payables among suppliers. Monitor advance aging of invoices, purchase lot.
  • Control payables according to different criterions (detail of invoice, lot of goods, supplier, contract, construction, order, staff, etc.).
  • Analyze goods purchasing by different methods (Supplier, purchasing staff, lot of goods, department, purchasing form, according to group - goods article, according to order, etc).
  • Print purchasing reports, purchasing journals, general reports and so on.
  • Print the balance of payables and receivables, report of accrual purchasing payables, due payables report (aged debt), sum – up payables, etc.
  • Print administrative reports: tracking purchasing orders, reports of purchasing order/contracts, report of delivery planning by purchasing orders/contracts, etc.

Integrated modules:  “Cash management, “Inventory Management” and “General Ledger”.