Sales Management


Allow Sales Department/Accounting Department to track revenue management and debt closely and accurately. Helping leaders grasp the situation immediately consumed to make timely decisions.

Support and co-ordination:

Departments of Sales and Accounting, Executive Board.

Main features:

  • Update and track information about promotions, concessions, discounts and price policy of enterprise. Automatic calculate trading discount, prepaid discount, closing discount according to updated policies.
  • Computerize and print purchasing orders/price quotations/ Invoices/sales return note/receipt voucher.
  • Control debt limit, check inventory and balance accounts. Control sales return/clearing receivables.
  • Automatically declare, calculate and account VAT (output), excise tax and discounts, sales allowances and promotion.
  • Monitor detailed sales for each customer/contract/department/salesman/region/goods group/products, etc
  • Monitor and record advances for goods, schedules of invoices payment, compare receivables with invoices.
  • Monitor and analyze ages and deadline of receivables. Account, record and adjust revenue from receivables.
  • Manage and monitor receivables under each object/ invoice/salesman/ contracts/ construction work/ items, etc. Analyze profits and losses according to region, goods groups…
  • Automatically calculate COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) by various methods: Monthly Average/ FIFO (first in first out)/ Specific Identification/ LIFO (last in first out)…
  • Computerize statement of VAT, out-put reports/data of tax into tax program of General Tax Bureau or export into Excel, Words, CSV, txt, pdf.
  • Print sales reports: sales list sheet, expense sales detail book, sales analysis (by group, various indicator), report of sales, sales diary book, etc.
  • Create & print reports: Compare receivables/ General book/ Detail receivables (in many standard forms), report of receivable by aging, etc. Print administrative reports: monitor sale order report, sale contract, monitor aggregation report/ list sheets, report of delivery date of order/ sales contract, report sales plan receivable in term (month/ quarter/ year), etc.

Integrated modules: “Customer relationship management”, “POS”, “Inventory Management”, “Finance-accounting management”