Human Resources Management & Payroll


Support to monitor the situation of human resources in every detail like recruitment, assess and training; calculate payroll, bonus, income tax and changes of staff; then giving overall picture of human resources situation and labor quality in the enterprise.

Support and co-ordination:

Organizational Department, Accounting Department, Board of Directors.

Main features:

Recruiting Management:

  • Recruitment planning including: information on recruitment needs, departmental requirements, quantity and vacancies.
  • Update and manage resumes: curriculum vitae, degree certificate and experience, etc.
  • Scheduling interviews/examinations, store information and results assessment interview/examination.
  • Store information about resumes, interviewing exam results (fail) to be able to re-call when necessary.
  • Statistical reports, analysis of recruitment (the number of candidates for interview/exam, the candidates, etc planned recruitment, placement recruitment and so on).

Training Management:

  • Declare the list of required courses for each position, department in the company (workplace safety, work skills, business, etc.).
  • Scheduling staff training as prescribed by the company (internal training), sent staff for training (on-site training).
  • Update and manage the results of the training.
  • Report on training statistics (number of employees participating in training according to the training plan, the training course, the number of employees fail test after training, etc.).

Employee management:

  • Employee Profile included the Personal Profile, Official Profile, Family details, Qualification, and Education details.
  • Manage information on insurance books, information received books, pay books, etc.
  • Updated information on changes, personnel displacement through work process (labor contracts, employment history, reward, discipline, employee evaluation results periodically, increase/decrease in salary, etc.)
  • Report as personnel tracking: analysis & summary report on personnel information (according to branch, department, gender, age, etc.). Report assessment results ranking employees in the period at each level (A, B, C). The report of retirement, labor contract (probation, formal employee, contract labor 1 year/2 years etc.). Detailed records of employees, workforce increase/reduction situation.
  • Reporting and alerting on personnel such as staff reports have birthdays in month. Report labor contracts expiring in the period.

Payroll Management System:

  • Flexibly declare working day, holidays in the period (month/quarter/year).
  • Flexibly declare working time shift, according to the counter, in line, shift, etc.
  • Updated time-keeping data: data taken from timekeeper or directly on software, data for calculating salary (according to productivity).
  • Parameters (basic salary, payroll factor, coefficient of health insurance, social insurance, personal income tax system, etc.) are designed and flexible declaration, which allows users to update the parameter values in the process of using the software.
  • Declare formula to calculate salary of each employee. Formula would be declared flexibly to conform to actual payroll in each unit.
  • Software enables to account salary in many methods as the workday, personal production or team productivity.
  • Allow creating new payroll from these of last month, which followed by reasonable adjustments to the actual situation of this month.
  • Automatically calculate and take parameters for overtime wages weekdays, holidays or wage for excessed productivity, etc.
  • Flexibly declare tax payers, the dependent objects for each employee, the income according percentage of progressive taxation.
  • Calculate the salaries, allowances, social & health insurance, income tax for employees and automatically accounting according to each department correlated different cost categories.
  • Salary reporting: Payrolls, table of advance salary, tabulation income (via bank transfer), details on the personal income tax, declaration of personal income tax, list of taxable income, etc.
  • Integrated modules: Transfer data for “General Accounting” subsystem.