Production Management


Connecting the management process from sales order or sales plan; declaring and managing B.O.M; defining material requirement; updating and controlling production progress; counting quantity of products by production plan/ production order; operating the process of checking/ evaluating product quality; monitoring used materials, etc. helping the Board of Directors controlling risks and increasing the work efficiency and production management capacity of the enterprise.

Support and co-ordination:

Planning Dept., Production Dept., QA-QC Dept., Inventory Dept., Material Dept., Sales Dept., Board of Directors

Main features:

Declaring B.O.M and production steps:

  • Declaring the production steps of each product
  • Declaring B.O.M for each step, product or order; Possibly declaring B.O.M with many levels and declaring replacing materials in B.O.M
  • Declaring rate of allowed material loss by step, product (rate of loss within or beyond the norm)
  • Supporting declaring quickly by the function of copying the norms from another product or importing the norms from Ms. Excel file
  • Managing B.O.M by applied period

Managing production plan and production order:

  • Gathering production requirements basing on forecast sources, orders from Sales Department and inventory quantity at each point of time.
  • Creating production plan basing on requirements; Allowing to adjust (adding/ reducing) the production plan after creating and generating changes.
  • Controlling production plan; Warning when creating production plan beyond production capacity of the factory or lacking materials or any other production resources.
  • Creating production order with the information declared basing on specific management requirements such as quantity, order, machine, step, operating group, starting/ ending time, etc.
  • Monitoring situation of performing production plan and production order; Warning when lacking or exceeding or delaying progress of production plan and production order basing on data of production statistics.


Defining material requirement:

  • Basing on the registered B.O.M, data of inventory quantity and estimated in-stock quantity from Purchasing Department, users balance and calculate material requirements to satisfy production plan and production order or stipulated inventory limit.
  • Basing on time of ordering materials (from ordering to receiving materials), loss quantity by production plan norm or average loss quantity, the software supports calculating estimated time of ordering so as to assure the materials for producing with the shortest stocking time.

Controlling factory capacity: Applying for those factories with products having few changes in process and production steps.

  • Declaring production capacity of each machine, production line, detailed by each product group, product
  • Declaring steps of performing parallel or one after another by each product group, product
  • Declaring time of production shift, time of preparing machine, time of disassembling/ assembling parts when changing, time of cleaning machine, time of pausing production as stipulated
  • Calculating total production capacity or the factory by product group, product with production priority order
  • Calculating total production time by production plan and production order
  • Warning exceeding capacity of factory when declaring production plan and production order.

Monitoring rate of progress and statistics of production:

  • Creating note of receiving materials basing on production plan and production order
  • Performing production and updating quantity by each step (semi-finished item), finished item, production plan or production order
  • Statistics of quantity by working shift, operating group, machine, etc.
  • Controlling progress of performing and finishing approved production plan and production order

Controlling product quality (KCS):

  • Declaring master data of problems, reasons of problems and solutions
  • Declaring circle, time, stipulated rate of checking in production detailed by step, product
  • Checking and controlling product quality as stipulated; Updating checking data in order for statistics and analysis; Evaluating immediately checking data to have timely decisions for balancing production
  • Counting and evaluating rate of damaged, ruined and loss in production process; Counting rate of problems in order to have reasonable solutions and reducing problems. Declaring master data of problems, reasons of problems and solutions

Controlling material loss:

  • Controlling the delivery of materials by production order; Comparing with the registered B.O.M to control and warn the exceeding
  • Supporting calculating and balancing production materials by production order or outsourcing order

Supporting data for product costing: Inhering data of B.O.M, transactions of receiving/ delivering, data of loss by production step helps the function of product costing module being operated quickly and exactly.

Reports: Report of material requirements, Statistics of production quantity by many factors (shift, order, group, machine, etc.), Report of damaged/ ruined/ loss, Report of production plan/ order status, Reports of warning material lacking, exceeding, etc.

Integrated modules: Connecting and inheriting data from modules “Inventory management”, “Purchasing management” in order to define material requirements and perform the receiving/ delivering; “Sales management” in order to satisfy sales and “Accounting management” in order for product costing.