Statistical Manufacturing Solution - Product Costing


The program connects the data flow in all stages of manufacturing management involves Orders Management, Materials Requirements Planning and update manufacturing process. Besides, with the warnings about materials needs and the capability of exactly costing product, manager could easily make pro-active decision and minimize the risk in business operations.

Support and co-ordination:

Department of Planning and Manufacturing, Accounting Department, Board of Directors.

Main features:

Statistical production:

  • Manage whole manufacturing process of enterprises with the following basic functions:
  • Prepare for the items and materials (Planning department after receiving “orders” or “new models” will be calculated to determine and update the estimation of production for each product).
  • Materials requirement planning (Identify materials needed for production and delivery of goods needed to ensure the delivery schedule).
  • Scheduling detailed production plans (including production orders, the expected starting date, date of completion and delivery).
  • Preparation of production plans (allows to create plans according to Production order, one or many orders, mass product orders, etc.).
  • Monitor progress and update productivity at each stage, each product, each order and each production order.
  • Monitor and evaluate the rate of damaged product in the manufacturing process.
  • Warehousing and costing for product & orders.
  • In addition, BRAVO software also extends the mathematical problem on statistical production to meet the future governance requirements such as “declared capacity machinery, lines, productivity, etc.” In order to make production plans, projected time of completion and support customer in management. These extended requirements will be researched & analyzed, while suitable solutions will be published for reality requirement.

Materials Estimation

  • Input data related to materials estimation for each product, order.
  • Declare the wastage rate in each stage.
  • Support quick-declare functions by copying the figures from products or import data from Excel.

Manage Production Orders

  • Make a production order ((including information like: stage, line/ group/ production team, completion deadline, material quantity etc.)
  • Subscribe to import/export of raw materials/semi-finished/finished product at each stage and for each production order.
  • Tracking manufacturing process according to status: “waiting”, “implement”, “completed”, “log” in each stage.

Tracking & analyzing manufacturing progress:

  • Monitoring the production schedule to make necessary management decisions as overtime shift, change production lines, machinery, etc.
  • Record production details at each stage of product on each order.
  • Evaluate the quality of the product -> ratio of “destroy, damage” product at each stage, each production order.
  • Material requirements and capacity planning based on the information: “Sales Orders (number of products, delivery time), material production norms, the number of inventory can be sold, the number of purchased goods - supplies, the number of existing materials ensure for business, etc.” BRAVO software issues the forecast about the needs of each type of raw material production timely or quantity of goods to meet the delivery requirements of the sales orders and expected delivery.

Product Costing:

  • Establish and print finished product receipt note, enter information of orders. Record the quantity of uncompleted products. Automatically account the extra expenses and collect expenses from other operations.
  • Declare norms of materials consumption, ratio of cost allocation for products/construction works/contracts/orders.
  • Collect and monitor the direct costs of products and works/contracts/orders under each stage.
  • Automatically allocate and transfer expenses, allow to allocate general expenses under various formulas and measures (according to revenue ratio, sales volume, materials expense, etc.).
  • Calculate and define uncompleted value in production and chain semi-finished products as well as revert to the original state of product factors. Calculate and define uncompleted value according to various methods: Direct materials expense, half-finished products on the chain.
  • Design the formula of product costing for various kinds of production: Mass Production, construction projects, costing for each contract/ order, etc.
  • Product costing by various methods: Norms/ratio (Plan costing)/direct costing/standard costing, etc.
  • Automatically update product cost into finished product note, order, contract or work. Calculate and re-set cost of goods sold for sales products.

Report Modules:

  • Report of manufacturing process: report the information on materials requirements, production, statistic figures on finished product, damaged ones, production planning. Statistics production, orders situation, expected finishing date, etc.
  • Costing Reports (industrial product/order/contract): Detailed book of product cost, Reports of cost analysis, Table of material distribution/salary/general expense, etc.
  • Costing Reports (construction): Detailed report of project cost.
  • Balance sheet arising works. Synthesis perform works, etc.

Integrated modules: “Inventory Management”, “Sale Management”, “Purchasing Management”, “General Ledger”.