System Administration


Make basic for other modules on the software. The features and functions in the management of the BRAVO system will support the creation and definition of common criteria to use and manage the entire data security.

Support and co-ordination:

The user is assigned to make responsibility for software will handle management operations such as granting powers for each user and declaring the general system parameters.

Main features:

  • Declare the process of handling incurred operations (workflow) for multiple users to help handling the work and participate in the general system of non-overlapping work.
  • Allow to declare easily, establish system parameter of software proper with requirements. Secret feature allow decentralizing update, security of detail to each menu, list, document equal to each user.
  • Allow definition screen enables updates the status that display on each voucher and arising operation.
  • Security functions allow decentralized access, security details to each menu, list or vouchers to each user.
  • Function of access trace allows monitoring user’s act in software through “history of use” and “history of data impact”.
  • Assistant tool under situation. At the screen when input document or when reporting, we only press F1 to receive necessary assistance.
  • Research difference among initial data of materials, accounting, cost price.
  • Check document haven’t been transferred in the ledger.
  • List disbursed documents when the store runs out of goods. Check the fullness of arising business categories.
  • Allow to collect data for software through feature “import data from Excel, Text…” (import data).
  • Flexibly design the interface with Dashboards in each module, user could choose any index they want to display.
  • Other conveniences: Automatically copy and save data according to the schedule. Remind work, report the content and work completion duration. Data dump tool into Excel, Word, PDF, etc.

Integrated modules: Declare system and interact with other modules.