System Administration


Make basic for other modules on the software. The features and functions in the management of the BRAVO system will support the creation and definition of common criteria to use and manage the entire data security.

Support and co-ordination:

The user is assigned to take responsibility for software will handle management operations such as granting powers for each user and declaring the general system parameters.

Main features:

  • Declare the process of handling incurred operations (workflow) to help users to handle the tasks and to participate in the general system in order to avoid non-overlapping work.
  • Declare and establish general parameters of software system fitting with management requirement.
  • Definite all information on screen and update the status displaying on documents and arising operation.
  • Security function allows decentralizing details to each menu, lists or documents to each user.
  • Control data function allows tracking user’s manipulation in software through “history of use” and “history of data impact”.
  • As a tool helps users to immediately manipulate all software functions (selecting a column or adjusting a report) by right-click.
  • Data Search and Adjustment: Find the differences among original data of the material, the accounting, the cost. Check documents which have been transferred to the ledger.
  •  List export documents when the warehouse is out of stock. Check the integrity of the catalogue with the arising operations.
  • Get data into the software through the "Get data from Excel, Text ..." (Import data)
  • Design of the software interface on the flexible dashboard display in each module with the selection of any indicator data to display.
  • Other features: Automatic backup of scheduled data. Reminders, content notices and deadlines. Tool to export data to Excel, Word….
  • Integrated modules: Declare system and interact with other modules.