Adjustment - Installment - Training

We know that good product is not enough, besides our good products, BRAVO also has professional staffs with enthusiasm and activeness and always ready to consult customers how to apply software effectively. With precept “Professional service, Attentive Warranty”, BRAVO company pledges to supply customers Pre-sales as well as After-sales the best quality.

Research the requirement and offer solution for enterprise (average 6 days)

  • Get the research records s and information exchange with customers (from sales and consulting department).
  • Technical survey with details on current status of clients.
  • Consult and offer technical solutions, accounting processes to handle the problem of customer management.
  • Together with customers, make up and sign "minutes of survey" .
  • Based on the information & examined records, our technical staff would analyze, research and make plans for dealing with the problem of customer management.
  • Communicate with customer for approach to gain agreement.

Modification and implementation (about  1 month)

  • Make official plans for the design and editing software.
  • Conduct to modify software: data structure, program structure, data entry screens, professional features, …
  • Check the correctness of the design, edit and modifying software.
  • Install the software on the computer system of the customer (two parties will sign a "MINUTE TO INSTALL SOFTWARE" at last).

Trainning program

  • Provide client with handed over documents after training.
  • Introduction overview of the software interface, common tasks while using software such as add new documents, edit documents, suspend objects, etc.
  • Input Data Guide at the beginning (when starting to use software).
  • Guide users to declare the system parameters of the program.
  • Guide to perform daily work: Entering data , documents , orders
  • Guide to perform final work: product costing, cost of goods sold calculation, etc.
  • Guidelines on how to report and retrieve data from software.
  • Check the correctness of imported data.
  • Guide to perform in the end of period/year on software (log & transfer data, backup – data security, etc).
  • Acceptance training: sign "record for training session” with customer.

Support for using softwar in early period (about 3 months)

  • Support for converting the available data (on xml, txt, pdf…) on the vouchers, categories and check the correctness of data conversion with customer.
  • After training, users would directly use the program for work. However, because new users might have many obstacles in the early using period, our experts would directly support BRAVO to solve problems.
  • The basic form of support includes: guidance & processing support through online programs via Internet, telephone, fax or BRAVO’s engineers will directly support for client in their office.
  • In addition, user could regularly exchange view with our engineers for advice and guidelines anytime in a best way.

Check and take over entire software

This is the last step of the transfer process under a contract that has been signed between the parties, including:

  • Transfer of documentary (COPYRIGHT CERTIFICATE, drive disk).
  • Sign "HANDOVER MINUTE OF SOFTWARE" with client.