Consultancy solution

Selecting a software and a company that provides services to meet the current requirements and can expand business in the future for enterprise is a very difficult job. To help customers make decisions to buy and use software in accordance with the scale of organization, operating procedures, management practices, field operations, personnel qualifications, real-time existing, infrastructure ... BRAVO will appoints staff (sale man or technical adviser) have the appropriate capacity and qualifications to work directly with customers. The basic steps are as follows:

Contact with customer - basic contents included

  • Contact and negotiate directly with customer through telephone to catch overall needs of customer in business filed, software requirements (accounting management, inventory, HRM, ERP,...)
  • Make contents preparation for meeting.
  • Appoint suitable manpower to join the meeting.
  • Set time till meet and work with customer.

Demo product and propose basic method

  • Talk directly to customer (at your office or Bravo’s office). Exchange view about business demands to give business process and management system to customer.
  • Basic introduction about product: features, modules, data control method,… on the software.
  • Record and offers some basic solutions to handle customer’s requests on the software.
  • Confirm and make general note about customer’s information and needs.

Create technical documentation and provide solutions to customer

  • Statistic and analysis administrative requirements and give solution to handle that unified with customer (Sale man combine with technician of Bravo to do this)
  • Writing and present documentation of solutions which applied for customer.
  • Appoint official staff to approve solutions for customer.
  • Make solution presentation of BRAVO for customer (in case of customer’s needs)

Make quotation and give implementation schedule as under

  • Sale staff and technician of BRAVO give schedule process and implementation method to customer
  • Make deployment plans and quotation for customer
  • Send document of “SOFTWARE SOLUTION” and “QUOTATION” to customer.

Contract negotiation as below

  • Make, unify and exchange terms of contract with customer. 
  • Forward contract for customer considering and conduct to negotiate signing “ECONOMIC AGRREMENT”.