Maintenance and Warranty


  • BRAVO Software will be warranted for 18 months for free (this time may varies depending on the warranty terms). After the end of the warranty period, BRAVO will provide software maintenance package for next period.
  • During the warranty/maintenance period, if there is a change of form, mode, state policies or arising software errors, etc. BRAVO will update and modify software that no fee is required.

Maintenance/Warranty methods

When receiving customer notification about the breakdown, BRAVO would base on level of risk or seriousness of the issue to remedy implementation, troubleshooting or resolve by one of these following measures:

  • Directly send staff to fix the problem or error for installed software.
  • Via phone, e-mail, FAX or programs accessed online via the Internet, we will guide users how to overcome or resolve software errors.
  • Send resolved programs for customers by mail: With problems such as viruses, power failure, hard drive failure and depending on volume and contract terms, BRAVO will proceed to install the software for the customer. Usually, the warranty claims of the customer are handled within a day.