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BRAVO software (ERP-VN) when applied at units specializing in LOTTERY industry is customized according to the characteristics of businesses in the industry.


BRAVO software (ERP-VN) when applied at specialized units industry LOTTERY is customized according to the characteristics of enterprises in the industry. The system is built with the aim of helping businesses solve problems of administration and operation of processes built on software according to the following mechanism: “coordinating together – sharing together” – control together – accomplish together” between departments and divisions in the enterprise, in order to improve and maximize the efficiency of production and business.


Units specializing in the Lottery industry will build closed processes, improve coordination, control and distribute resources optimally, quickly and efficiently. Accordingly, the application process will be operated as follows:

1. Data organization system

2. Describe main activities:

a. (1) (2): Ticket Release and Revenue Plan

  • Ticket distribution planning: Issuing department staff conducts ticket distribution planning to distribute to each representative office (each area will have different prefixes, the distribution plan will divide the prefixes for each region).
  • Printing: Issuing department orders and prints tickets and packaging.
  • Import return ticket: enter and monitor return ticket status. Monitor the status of ticket processing from outside processors in detail to each processed object, quantity, type of ticket and receipt date. Conduct check and booking data.
  • Issuing agency tickets: Issuing department prepares issuance tickets for agents to manage the issued quantity for each ticket type, ticket set, object… Check Information about ticket sets, mortgage, agent object:

–     Small stations (Phu Yen, Daklak…) will dial once a week and once a week, big stations (Da Nang…) will dial once a week, twice a week;

–     The Issuing Department will issue tickets 1 week in advance. At the same time, manage invoices and internal export slips;

–     At the day of the lottery, the agents will pay the tickets before the time of the draw at certain collection points.

  • Import ticket returned from Agent:  Import ticket data from Newspaper agent as the basis for closing the number of returned tickets.
  • Checkout Step 1: Issuing department withdraws tickets and enters the program  (at each representative office will automatically enter the tally, at the company office also will perform tally entry for tickets returned to the corporate office).

–     Update the closing list of paid tickets;

–     Proceed to receive tickets from the Returning Agent;

–     Update the quantity according to the list;

–     Accounting department keeps track of inventory.

  • Increase revenue Step 1: 

  • Implement the tally Step 2: in this step, depending on each unit, it will be assigned to the Publishing department or the Inspection department.

– Conduct a re-count of tickets in Step 1 to eliminate excess tickets, missing tickets, invalid tickets or wrongly paid tickets from other stations  (invalid tickets: tickets of the previous period, torn tickets… ).

  • Increasing revenue Step 2: Uploading the revenue and commission reports of the reporting period.

  • Create ticket sales vouchers: Accounting department creates ticket sales vouchers (support calculation of receipt – paid tickets, revenue, commission for each ticket) period, Agent).

​b. (3) (4a) (4b): Payout – Check the payout data

  • Data declaration: review department updates the declaration

–     Declare parameters to the system (% authorization fee and other costs);

–    Declare the payment calculation criteria for the program to automatically calculate and make a payment list;

–     Update the list of winners according to each object;

–     Rewards category: has the prize value based on the ticket structure.

  • Calculate the payout data: the payout department categorizes and calculates the payout data.

–     Classification of reward payment in different forms (cash, object, except debt);

–     Automatically calculate all costs according to declaration and incurred.

    • lottery plan payout table: After knowing the payout results based on the traditional ticket distribution table and lottery results, users can know the details regional prizes and what is the value according to the payout plan.

<3 em>

  • Updating the payment authorization form: rewarding department prepares the authorization form  (in case the payment agents help the representative offices or corporate office for winning tickets with a value of less than 20 million ® agents will be entitled to a winning commission = winning value * 0.2% ). Data inheritance review department.
  • Retrieval of reward data: Inspection department inherits data from payout department (list of rewards) conducts an investigation:</ li>


–     Update the actual tally results;

–     Automatically make a comparison list, link data from many different sources to calculate accurate payout data;

–     Build a data table to compare and search, Phuc Tra department can check and make a comparison report right on the software.

c. (5a) (5b): Human Resource Management – ​​timekeeping – salary

  • Update and monitor employee profiles:

–     Update relevant information about employees to manage the list of employees. ).

–     Corresponding to each employee file, HR officer   Salary will track relevant information: personal information, training details, arising advances, tools current tools, family relationships, decisions during the working process

  • Update and follow up on Labor Contract:

–     Update and monitor contract information of each employee  (contract code, contract date, contract type, basic salary, salary to enjoy social insurance…).

–     For fixed-term contracts, BRAVO software will warn before the expiration of a period of time (the period of time chosen by the user to declare) for sub-staff responsible for reviewing the issue of continued signing.

  • Time and attendance management, work shifts:

–     BRAVO software connects directly to the timekeeper, links to get the actual time of each employee’s entry  , as a basis for determining the late arrival / early return / overtime .

–     Simultaneously with cases of sick leave, leave, unpaid leave, work, etc., additional timekeeping will be performed.

–     Handling cases of shift transfer, compensatory leave after overtime, holidays during the year, …

–     Representative offices make timekeeping and will be aggregated at the company’s office.

  • Payroll:

–     The software allows to declare and calculate salary in many different ways: time-based salary calculation…

–     Declare salary calculation parameters, allowance calculation parameters, allowance calculation parameters, etc. on the software.

–     Monitor the implementation of Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Occupational Accident Insurance and payment of obligations as prescribed for employees throughout the Company.

–     Calculating deductions according to salary, calculating PIT.

–     Transfer data to BP Accounting for salary accounting.

d. (6a) (6b): Accounting Manager

  • Cash accounting, bank deposits:

–     Make receipts, payment slips, payment orders according to the forms of banks right on the software. These tickets can be printed directly from the software.

–     Updating bonus payment vouchers, payment receipts, award payment authorization forms, etc.

–     Cash accounts will be automatically posted on relevant statements, books, ledgers and reports.

  • Purchase Accounting & liabilities:

–     Track data of purchase orders/contracts from BP Planning – Issuing, accounting for purchase receipts, import tax, VAT into the software.

–     Track payment due debt, Payment due report, payment reminder on the software.

–     Follow up debt clearing.

  • Inventory Accounting:

–     Accounting for purchase and sale, warehouse delivery note, CCDC export note, warehouse transfer and transfer into the software.

–     Calculate the cost of capital automatically by many methods.

–     Track inventory data through Import Reports  export  Inventory from Warehouse.

  • Fixed Asset Accounting, CCDC:

–     Set up asset management information on the software: quantity, value, used parts, usage status, …

–     Automatically calculate and record depreciation of assets, allocation of tools.

–     Manage the increase, decrease, change of fixed assets through periods such as upgrading, suspending depreciation, continuing to depreciate, liquidate, …

  • Tax accounting, salary accounting:

–     Automatic tax calculation (Agent income tax, winner’s income tax, personal income tax of company employees).

–     Track salary data from BP Human Resources  Salary, conduct salary accounting, account social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, personal income tax and personal income tax into the accounting sheet on the software.

  • General Accountant:

–     Program to make additional sheets of other accounting operations and off-balance sheet accounting operations.

–     Automatically create closing entries, transfer and allocation, create periodical entries.

–     Exploiting the reporting system: accounting books; Tax reports; Financial settlement report; Management reports, Financial analysis… Some other management reports at the request of enterprises.


The common feature of Lottery industries is that the area and scope of production and business are dispersed in many different locations and areas (offices & representative offices…). Therefore, in addition to the needs of customers, when building solutions, BRAVO consults on solutions to organize and stream data to facilitate business operations, closely manage problems. arising and synthesizing all activities in the customer’s production and business organization system.

a. Organizational model for updating and exploiting system data:

As mentioned, because the locations where the software is used are spread across geographical regions, BRAVO needs to build a data system that combines a synchronous and distributed data solution to ensure the timeliness of data. data (for issues of inheritance, tracking and management of arising data) and data continuity.

  • Diagram

  • Description:

At headquarters:

+ Install 01 BRAVO software including “running program” and “database” on the server (Server).

+ In departments, computers that are allowed to access the software (Client) will be declared (machine name, user ID) and installed “running program” for users to update information and data into the software.

+ The Users will be managed and decentralized in detail according to each user’s role in the relevant departments. Each department will have its own layout design (interface) suitable for the management of each department

At branches and representative offices

+ Installing BRAVO software includes only “running program” (not including “database”) on Client machines of departments, users participating in using the software to update and transmit online data about the software on the server at the head office.

+ Users are decentralized and authorized to ensure independence and responsibility when updating data into the system.

(Recommendation: To ensure stability and data safety when operating the software, BRAVO recommends equipping a backup server, a backup server serving two main tasks: replacing the main server operates the system and backs up the software’s data.On the main server and backup server integrate equivalent physical hard drives and configure according to hard drive Raid solutions: Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 10) .

b. Grouping of data classes data users at each location use:

In addition to inheriting data arising in the system, each department has its own, independent and sometimes confidential operations with other departments. Therefore, for users’ convenience in operating and manipulating the software, BRAVO divides the user interface into layers (Layout). Specifically:

At Headquarters:

</+ Layout of the Board of Directors of the company

+ Layout Release plan

+ Layout Phuc Tra – reward

+ Financial Accounting Layout

+ HR Layout  salary

At branch:

</+ Layout of the Board of Directors of the company

+ Layout Release plan

+ Layout Phuc Tra – reward

+ Financial Accounting Layout

+ Layout HR – salary

At the representative office:

+ Layout Release plan

+ Layout Phuc Tra – reward

+ Financial Accounting Layout

+ Timekeeping layout

c. Organize, peel separate software database

In order for businesses to easily monitor, manage and aggregate data arising at each software operation location, BRAVO advises on data organization plans suitable to each size of the business. Accordingly, the software’s database (database) will be divided into data trays (called base unit trays) corresponding to each point used to receive, store and process broadcast data. born at each point. And there is 01 aggregate data tray that plays the role of aggregating/unifying data generated throughout the system.

d. Handling thespecific business operations

  • Release Planning Department

Develop annual release plan for each type of ticket. Monitor the process of issuing tickets to Representative Offices and Agents. Carry out printing orders and processing tickets and packages. The work is done right on BRAVO software to help the issuing department to accurately manage the situation of ticket issuance and receipt of returned tickets. Transfer data to accounting departments to continue operations.

Main tasks in the process:

– Prepare and manage Ticket Issuance Plan;

– Monitor the situation of entering tickets booked;

– Keep track of the prize structure for each ticket type;

– Track the processing of tickets from external suppliers, track the details of the processed object, quantity, type of ticket, delivery date;

– Prepare issuing tickets for agents to manage the issued quantity for each ticket type, ticket set, object…;

– Enter the data of Tickets returned from the Agent to serve as the basis for closing the number of Returned Tickets;

– Share release data with Accounting Department to track inventory;

– Link data between Finance departments to view related information;

– Update the number of tally Step 2 to determine the exact number of Tickets returned and save to the central database to share to other departments, continue operations;

– Prepare reports comparing the plan and actual arising;

– Perform tasks to transfer data to another department according to each part that needs to be shared right on BRAVO software by automatic tools;

– Transfer management reports to the company’s leaders.

Msome images on BRAVO software:</ strong>

Ticket distribution plan

Update ticket serialization

List of lottery tickets, lottery ticket supplies

Lottery results and media

Update Lottery results

  • Compensation Department – Happiness

Synthesize data for each type of reward. Make a detailed list of rewards according to each declared type (commission level, commission authorization fee). The software program will help the compensation department to have a list system and detailed reports on compensation.

Main tasks in the process:

– Updating the list of winners according to each object;

–  Classification of rewards in different forms;

– Automated tools are created to help link data from different sources to calculate accurate payout figures;

– Prepare bonus payment vouchers, payment receipts, award payment authorization forms…;

– Declare the payment calculation criteria for the program to automatically calculate and make a payment list;

– Sharing data to make management reports for leaders and as an input source for the Accounting department to create accounting vouchers;

– Build data tables, compare and search to help the investigation department to check and make comparative reports right on the software.

Some images on BRAVO software

Update payout: Monthly tracking and payout details of ticket sets, ticket types, face value, total amount, total amount…

Updating the traditional ticket payment reward

Compilation of winning and paid tickets

Reported summary of winning tickets

  • Manager at Representative Office

Main tasks in the process:

– Manage the implementation of Money Receipts, Lottery winning receipts for Agents and create accounting documents (Receipt/payment slip) automatically by default already ready declaration for operations, in order to help the Company’s Office inherit the accounting vouchers at the Representative Office immediately;

– Summarize the payment of winning tickets for each symbol or combination;

– Track inventory details of Agents;

– Regularly update the number of tickets the agent pays step1 and step 2 (depending on how many steps the company’s office assigns to the representative office);

– Update due revenue of lottery tickets and automatically generate sales vouchers automatically determine revenue;

– Updating revenue when making payment of Peel and Scratch tickets and automatically generate sales vouchers to automatically determine revenue;

– Prepare and print the documents on the software: Notice of payment of ticket sales, Lottery ticket allocation table to be issued to the General Agent, Minutes of debt confirmation…;

– Linking data with the Company’s Office via the Internet.

Some images on BRAVO software:

Main interface – by unit

Giấy nhận tiền vé trúng thưởng xổ số

Total sales of lottery tickets

  • Human Resources Department – ​​salary

Main tasks in the process:

– Manage and update the data of the planning and recruitment process from the time the need arises to the signing of the contract with the employee;

– Updating and storing records, resumes, labor contracts, detailed salary coefficients for each employee in the company;

– Monitor work history, leave, family relationship leave, professional qualifications, training process;

– Update, control and store decisions on appointment, change of title, salary, productivity, working position, etc…;

– Timely management and notification of salary increase, labor contract, Health insurance, Social insurance;

– Monitor the implementation of social insurance, health insurance, occupational accident insurance and payment of obligations according to regulations for employees throughout the company;

– Calculating salary, allowances, social insurance – health insurance, income tax for employees and automatically accounting them for each department corresponding to different fee items;

– Searching for information and retrieving data links with other departments, detailed, complete and timely reports for leaders.

Some images on BRAVO software:

Management of personnel records

Food table

  • Accounting – Finance Department

This is the core practice of all business activities in the enterprise. Financial management is a part of the overall management system of an enterprise to manage financial solutions, accounting operations and financial reporting systems of the business… From there, businesses can strictly control and evaluate their financial situation from different angles to make reasonable decisions.

Main tasks in the process:

– Managing cash flows;

– Manage purchase of materials, issue revenue invoices of all kinds;

– Inventory management;

– Management of tax declaration and calculation on many different criteria and types;

– Inheriting data from other departments to make accounting vouchers such as ticket entry, tally;

– Prepare reports according to the latest decisions of the Lottery industry;

– Use automatic tools on BRAVO to create data and compare: Create automatic revenue recognition invoices, generate payment slips…;

– Make and print specific invoices right on the software;

– Link data with inheritance related departments and check data collation.

Some images on BRAVO software:

How to organize a report

Balance Sheet

Notes to Financial Statements

  • Special reports

Empty Transmission Lottery Ticket

– List of traditional ticket payment by bank transfer;

– List of payment of traditional tickets to visitors in cash;

– List of traditional ticket payouts with agents in cash;

– List of traditional ticket payment;

– Summary of special prizes, first prize of Traditional ticket – By date;

– Summary of special prizes, first prize of Traditional tickets – By division;

– Settlement of payment of traditional tickets;

– Summary table of 0.2% authorization to pay traditional tickets;

– The summary table of traditional ticket payment does not include PUQT 0.2 %;

– Report on calculation of payment authorization payment.

Strong Lottery: 

– Statement of payment of prize tickets by bank transfer;

– A list of cash prize payout lottery tickets;

– Payment table for winning tickets with agents in cash;

– The list of prize payment for the Peel ticket;

– Summary of the first prize, especially the ticket – According to the date of the prize opening;

– Summary of the first prize, especially the ticket Peel – By department;

– Settlement of payment of prize tickets;

– Summary of the 0.2% authorization fee for the payment of the Peel ticket;

– Summary table of authorization costs 0.2% for paying prizes without separating tickets;

– The summary table of payment of Peel tickets does not include PUQTT 0.2%.

Scratch Lottery:

– Statement of payment of Scratch tickets by bank transfer;

– List of rewards for tickets Scratching visitors in cash;

– List of scratch tickets with the dealer in cash;

– List of scratch tickets;

– Summary of the first prize of Scratch tickets – According to the date of prize opening;

– Summary of the first prize of Scratch tickets – By department;

– Settlement of payment of scratch tickets;

– Summary table of 0.2% authorization to pay scratch tickets.

Lotto Ticket

– Create bingo ticket opening date;

– Payment table for winning tickets with agents in cash (LT);

– List of lottery ticket payouts (new form);

– Summary and handover of winning lottery tickets;

– Notice of settlement of lottery ticket prize payment (lottery – approved);

– Announcement of payment settlement of lottery tickets (TT+Boot+Lot CN sent home);

– Notice of settlement of lottery ticket prize payment (TT + Peel + Lottery approved);

– Summary and handover of winning lottery tickets.

Inspection Report

– Daily cash reconciliation summary (from 5 million or less);

– Summary table of authorized payments in cash (Aggregate);

– Summary of expenses for paying bonuses in cash at VPCT (General);

– Enter the return ticket (General);

– Company-wide bonus payment summary (Form 1);

– Company-wide bonus payment summary (Form 2);

– Summary list of rewards (summary).


1. Administration efficiency:

  • Board of Management can see “the overall picture” of the business activities of the unit: from ticket issuance to determining actual revenue, as well as bringing efficiency. in a time, period in the fastest and most accurate way thanks to the logical data linkage system between departments.
  • The inter-year data storage and analysis system helps the Board of Directors get the fastest statistical reports, analyze the business situation between periods and years on the software system to make decisions. provide timely direction.
  • In addition, the BRAVO software system also allows quick access to reports for the Board of Directors through Apps BRAVO developed on mobile devices Smartphone, Tablet with iOS and Android platforms, in order to increase the < strong>“frequency of operation” Company at “anytime, place” anytime.

2. Effective of governance affects for object of each department:

+ Support employees to build annual release plans and track them on the software.

+ The software supports data entry and instant data so that employees can check quickly and accurately.

+ Manage information and ticket issue status, import tickets from the agent returned closely.

+ Update the number of counting and counting to help determine the exact number of tickets. Data is shared with other departments instantly, helping related departments to act quickly.

+ Automatically calculate all costs according to the declaration and incurred.

+ Updating and controlling the actual tally results, and inheriting the tally data from the Issuing department so that the Phuc Tra department can check and make comparative reports right on the software.

+ Control compensation data from representative offices and corporate offices, manage commissions of agents through Power of Attorney.

+ The data will be circulated to the Accounting department, from which it is possible to increase the sales revenue, commission for each period and each agent.

+ Manage the implementation of Money Receipts, Lottery winning receipts for agents and create accounting vouchers (receipts/payments) automatically by default already declared for transactions in order to help the Company’s Office inherit the accounting vouchers at the Representative Office immediately.

+ Keep track of inventory details of Agents.

+ Process summaries of bonus payment data and make detailed and comprehensive bonus payment reports at the Representative Office quickly and accurately.

+ Update sales and automatically generate sales vouchers automatically, determine revenue.

+ Linking data with the Company’s Office via the Internet.

+ Manage employee records in detail (employee code, record code, employee name, department, address, working department, position…) . Corresponding to each profile, the system will track relevant information throughout the working process.

+ Update and track the Labor Contract of each employee. Hot warning of employee’s contract expiration information. Build a strict employee management system.

+ The system connects directly to the time attendance machine, taking the actual time in and out of each employee serving the job to determine the job. come late/ leave early/ overtime. Simultaneously handle additional timekeeping for cases of shift transfer, sick leave, work…

+ Allows to declare and calculate salary in many different methods. Transfer the data to the successor Accounting department for salary accounting.

+ Monitor insurance and insurance payment status for employees.

+ Minimize re-entering of data arising in departments and improve the control role of accountants.

+ Good control over incurred costs and revenue through through the mechanism of instant data linkage throughout the system, thereby helping businesses have a general, timely, complete and accurate financial view.

+ Support Support professional tasks that require high accuracy such as cost calculation, employee salary accounting.

+ Support in analyzing and synthesizing production and business results of the whole system.

+ Instant data updates, compare this period and the previous period at any time.


1. Lottery One Member Limited Company & Service Print Da Nang

2. Phu Yen Lottery Company Limited

3. Lam Dong Lottery Company Limited

4. Quang Nam Lottery One Member Limited Liability Company

5. Dak Nong Lottery One Member LLC

6. Binh Dinh Lottery Company Limited

7. Khanh Hoa Lottery Company Limited

8. Dak Lak Lottery Company Limited

9. Quang Tri Lottery One Member LLC

10. Can Tho Lottery One Member LLC

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BRAVO 8R3 (ERP-VN) is an overall management system consisting of 12 main modules.

With flexible customization, in addition to the basic modules, other modules such as Warranty Management, Logistics Service Management… will be additionally designed depending on the management requirements of each business.

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