Connecting E-Banking

In the era of technology development, the integration and use of e-banking has become an inevitable trend. BRAVO 8R3 software version has been quickly updated. E-banking connection has become an important module in the total ERP solution system.

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Connecting E-Banking

With this function, the enterprise’s personnel can perform e-banking services on the BRAVO software interface (ERP-VN) such as transfer transactions under payment order without directly hard copy or export the data from the software and import into the online payment pages of the banks, and easily look up the information on bank account fluctuation and account balances, …

Supporting and operating

Accounting Department, Executive Board


Bank account number management: Inquiry account balances, Inquiry transaction history of accounts, etc.

Transaction management, payment orders: Create payment order, transfer by file, approve the payment order, reject the payment order, create documents automatically from transactions on e-banking, …

Bank Account number management

  • Inquiry account balances
  • Inquiry transaction history of accounts

After successfully connecting to the e-banking system, user can query some account information at the bank such as current balance, interest rate, accrued interest up to the present time, account type, account status, …

Bank transaction and payment order management

  • Create Debit note, Debt Report on BRAVO Software
  • Connect to e-Banking system
  • Create payment order
  • Approve payment order

E-banking function on BRAVO software is supported by 2 connection technologies: Authorization (OAuth) and File Transfer (Host to Host). To ensure security, the process of transmitting and receiving information is also encrypted and authenticated with a digital signature. Currently, BRAVO has successfully implemented the E-banking connection with large banking systems with high security requirements such as: Vietinbank, BIDV, …

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BRAVO 8R3 (ERP-VN) is an overall management system consisting of 13 main modules.

With flexible customization, in addition to the basic modules, other modules such as Warranty Management, Logistics Service Management… will be additionally designed depending on the management requirements of each business.

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