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BRAVO software solution (ERP-VN) applied at enterprises in the field of AUTO MANUFACTURING – BUSINESS is a total management solution, supporting leaders in managing


BRAVO  (ERP-VN) software solution applied at enterprises in the field of AUTO MANUFACTURING – BUSINESS is a total management solution, supporting leaders in managing all resources. of the enterprise (human – financial – material) as well as an effective assistant for departments from Consulting – Sales, Purchasing, Accounting to Production Executive, Administration – Human Resources… to share information effectively through the standard work process when surveying and designing software according to the characteristics of the automobile manufacturing and trading industry.

BRAVO software  is built on the basis of .NET technology, C# programming language together with SQL Server database and open design (3 layers design). Therefore, when the software is put into operation in the enterprise, each part participating in the use will be assigned the right to access and manipulate data and use specific features to ensure the security of the data. which all share the same system. Moreover, together with BRAVO’s capacity and implementation experience, it should allow easy customization or expansion of modules, features, and management operations on the software system in the future when businesses develop and there is a need to change to match reality.


1. Overview of characteristics of automobile manufacturing and trading enterprises

Manufacturing and trading enterprise with the participation of many units (Showroom, Dealer, Head Office, Factory, Warehouse) as well as many functional departments (Sales Consulting Department, Repair Department, The Operations Center, Purchasing Department, Accounting – Finance Department, Administration – Human Resources Department, Warehouse Department, Production Department) work together to perform a series of tasks from production to sales. and manage internal operations of the enterprise.

Production is carried out according to orders/contracts, so the monitoring process from the business stage, production planning, production materials preparation, production statistics, semi-finished warehouse Products/finished products are tied to specific orders/contracts. Because of this production feature, jobs such as preparing materials and planning also face certain difficulties when the number of orders can be more or less depending on the time of business.

2. Scope and process of operating software systems

Operation steps:

(1) Sales Consulting Department at Showroom/ Agents receive requests from customers and after the negotiation process will record customer information, inform contract information agreed with the customer as well as transfer the customer file to the Operations Center at the Head Office.

(2) Operation Center processes documents, aggregates orders/contracts from many Showrooms/Agents and coordinates with the Factory to process production / assembly to keep up with the agreed delivery schedule.

(3) Factory proposes raw materials, receives materials from warehouse, conducts warehousing after production is completed and production statistics: raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, man-hours, efficiency, productivity…

(4) Purchasing Department at Head Office conducts purchases and inventory to ensure demand in each department, optimal inventory demand and demand. production demand.

(5) Repair department receives vehicles from customers, requests spare parts, receives spare parts from the warehouse, and conducts vehicle repairs.

(6A,B,C) Sales of sales staff, production output of factory workers and repairable technician sales gathered at the Administration – Human Resources Department to calculate salary.

(7A,B,C,D,E,F) Data from shared and inherited divisions at Finance – Accounting Department for implementation revenue, debt, expense management…

3. Describe some specific business processes


–        Manage and store customer information

–        Make a list of selling prices by item, applicable unit (showroom, agent, branch, customer) and time of application

–        Manage the process from receiving requests, quotes, deposits, contracts, documents, handing over vehicles…

–        Track the number of frames, the number of machines sold

–        Follow up on insurance contracts

–        Track the warranty period of each vehicle

–        Management of accessory sales contracts

–        Track sales performance and payments

–        Declare the bonus level for sales staff (according to the progressive norm) and calculate the bonus for employees according to reality (based on the information on the invoice)

–  Customer care management to buy cars


–        Manage from domestic purchase with items such as batteries, tires… to import purchases such as sets of components, spare parts…

–        Follow up the escrow to open L/C for the purchase

–        Allocate purchasing costs to purchased goods

–        Track contracts and orders with suppliers

–        Follow up on delivery progress and debt

–        Track by frame number, machine number of each item

–      The calculation program gives a report of material needs to assist users in making timely and reasonable purchasing decisions.


–        In addition to managing materials by warehouse, group of materials, also managing details by chassis number, machine number

–        Components management, assembly/disassembly.


–        Make Production plan, Work order for each stage: including producing boxes for trucks or assembling cars

–        Statistics on the number of products completed by each stage, each working shift…

–        Statistics of stopping time by shift, production machine (line)

–        Consumption statistics: main materials (iron, components, batteries, chairs, shells…), paint

–        Statistics of employees by shift, each stage.


–        Check customer information, vehicle information, vehicle condition and record Repair quotation for customers

–        Make  Repair Order (RO) and Request form for materials/ spare parts

–        Manage the settlement of repair

–        Compare Repair Finalization with Repair Order and Quotation for customers

–        Manage customer care using the service.


–        Make and track revenue and expense plans

–        Cash management, bank deposits

–        Manage credit limit, loan contract

–        Manage accounts payable/receivable

–        Calculate cost of goods sold

–        Track inventory by chassis number, machine number

–        Management of fixed assets and tools

–        Calculate repair service cost

–        Calculate the production cost of the tank (truck) and the cost of assembling the car

– Perform the general accounting operations at the end of the period

–  Prepare financial statements, tax reports according to current regulations

administrative department – HR

–        Manage recruitment planning and execution

–        Employee training management

–        Management of personnel information

–        Management of labor contracts

–        Monitor the working process (transfer, reward, discipline…)

–        Time attendance directly on the software and receive timekeeping data from Ms.Excel file

–    Calculating salary by output, sales, technical staff sales


1. Software installation model

BRAVO  solution (ERP-VN) can support 02 different software installation models: centralized data installation model (Online – online connection) and distributed data model (Offline – synchronous). periodic). However, based on the experience deployed for businesses operating in the field of automobile production and business, production (Factory) and business (Office) are usually fully equipped with facilities. Technical infrastructure and Internet connection are synchronous, so that data is updated and controlled immediately, improving the efficiency of management, BRAVO will implement a centralized data installation model (Online).

Model Description

headquarters (or where the business has servers – possibly data centers)

–        On the server (Server) will be installed BRAVO Software®7 including Software Program and Database.

–       Data will be partitioned into basic units: Head Office, Branch, Showroom, Subsidiaries. The software supports separate financial statements and tax reports for each unit.

–      The function of adjusting and excluding internal accounts and merging data helps administrators to view the consolidated financial statements of the whole company.


–        Computers that are allowed to access the software (Client machine) will be declared (machine name, user ID) and installed Software program for users to access and input data online to the corresponding service provider on the server through a high-speed network connection.

–        List of common use for the whole system.

–        There is no limit to the number of clients in the LAN system of these locations.

The Users will be managed and decentralized in detail according to each user’s role in the relevant departments. Each user user/user group user or department will have its own layout design (interface) suitable for the management of each user or department. The software solution BRAVO  allows to connect remote locations through the Internet line system with basic requirements for transmission line (common ADSL network). Data stored centrally on the Server will be backed up periodically or continuously through the software’s automatic backup mechanism.

Recommendation: To ensure the stability and safety of data when operating the software, BRAVO recommends equipping an additional backup server (the backup server) serves two main tasks: replacing the main server operating the system and backing up the software’s data. On the main server and the backup server integrate equivalent physical hard drives and are configured according to hard drive Raid solutions: Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 10).

2. Solutions for cross-departmental use

BRAVO software solution is designed and used for all parts of the Automotive manufacturing and trading business. Therefore, for the convenience of users in operating the software and ensuring security between departments, BRAVO will design specific “layouts” for each department or even each user location. . Each “layout” will stipulate the interface, features, operations, data, and reports appropriate to the user’s location. “Layout” is the interface layer that the user will manipulate with the features and data system of the software. The database layer between “layouts” will be used on one database to ensure that data between departments is linked and inherited together.

Some of the main layouts include:

At Showrooms/ Dealers:

–  Layout Sales Consultant

–  Layout Repair Service

–  Showroom Warehouse Layout

At the Factory:

–  Layout of Factory Board of Directors

–  Production Statistics Layout

–  Layout Head of production shift

–  Factory Warehouse Layout

–  Quality Management Layout

–    Factory Accounting Layout

At Head Office:

–  Layout Administrator

–  Layout of the Board of Directors of the Company

–  Operation Center Layout

–  Layput Purchasing Department

–  Layput Warehouse

–  Layout Finance – Accounting Department

–  Layout Chief Accountant

–  Human Resource Management Layout

–  Layout Timekeeping – Salary calculation

At Warehouse:

–  Warehouse Layout

3. Some business processes on BRAVO software solution applied to Automobile manufacturing and trading enterprises

a. Sales Business Process

(1) Make a sales price list (with a date of application of the price list)

When there is a change in the price policy, the user creates a new price list. The program supports inheriting goods information from the old price list for fast data entry, supports calculating new prices based on % of current prices and evaluating profit margins.

(2) Make a quotation to send to customers after receiving the purchase request

The program automatically inherits the selling price from the current price list and assigns authorized/disallowed users to adjust the default price depending on administrative requirements.

(3) Make a sale contract/sale order after finalizing the unit price and contract terms with the customer

The program supports the design of templates for printing sales contracts / sales orders according to the samples of each customer. The voting process is reviewed through the statuses for confirmation between management levels.

Sales contract update form

(4) Make a customer profile and transfer it to the Operations Center for processing and request to proceed with production/assembly with the Factory

(5) Make sales invoices (also delivery notes)

The Sales Consultant department monitors the production progress through the Operations Center, when it comes to the delivery schedule, it proceeds to make an order to release the goods to deliver the goods to the customer. The Warehouse Department will inherit this order to complete and form the delivery note. The Accounting Department will inherit this slip to supplement accounting information and issue invoices to customers.

Sales invoice update form

(6) Prepare factory documents to hand over vehicles to customers including sales invoices, insurance contracts…

(7) Track sales performance through the reporting system:

  • Sales order fulfillment tracking report
  • Available inventory report
  • Sales Analysis Report
  • Reporting receivables according to contracts, customers, payment due dates
  • Report a car that is about to expire
  • Report a vehicle that is about to be serviced
  • …..

b. Purchase Business Process

(1) Make purchase requisition form when the department needs to buy supplies/goods

The program supports the calculation of the quantity to be purchased based on the data of the norm quantity, the amount of instant stock, the quantity requested but not completed, the number of unfilled orders, the minimum amount of inventory. minimal. The voter records the exact purchase quantity depending on the actual situation, and the user authorization program is allowed to adjust the actual purchase quantity according to the specified margin compared to the quantity to be purchased.

Form to update purchase requisition form

(2) Making purchase contract/ purchase order according to the quantity and price approved by the Board of Directors on the purchase requisition form

The program supports the inheritance of goods data from purchase requisitions to quickly enter data and reduce errors.

Form to update purchase requisition form

(3) Make a purchase receipt (also a warehouse receipt)

The program supports the inheritance of goods data from purchase orders to quickly enter data and reduce errors.

Form to update purchase requisition form
The form to update the input form to buy accessories

(4) Track purchase through the reporting system:

  • Reporting of material needs.
  • Purchase order fulfillment tracking report.
  • Report of liabilities under contract, supplier, payment term.
  • ….

c. Repair Service Process


Some tracking information about customers includes Date and time of vehicle entry, Customer, License plate, Vehicle brand, Vehicle model, Chassis number, Engine number, VIN number, Engine type, Color, Vehicle age, Km number…

In addition, the program monitors additional information such as Inspection Team, Service Advisor to assist in calculating technical sales and technical consultant salary.

Mẫu form cập nhật phiếu yêu cầu sửa chữa
Form to update repair request form

(2) Make a repair service quote

The support program inherits customer data from the repair request form to quickly enter data and reduce errors.

Repair order update form form

(3) Make a repair order (RO) after the customer confirms to accept the quote

The program supports inheriting customer and material/service data from repair quotes to quickly enter data and reduce errors.


(5) Make a settlement settlement sheet after completing the repair

The support program inherits customer and material/service data from repair orders to quickly enter data and reduce errors. Users record additional materials/services arising depending on the actual situation.

(6) Invoicing for repair services

The program supports inheriting the total repair cost data from the repair settlement sheet to quickly enter data and reduce errors.

Repair service invoice update form

(7) Monitor repair service performance through the reporting system:

  • Vehicle repair history report
  • Weekly report of vehicle entering the workshop
  • Report on assessment of RO implementation
  • Report of uninvoked repair settlement slip
  • ….


    • The sales department always has accurate and immediate information on production progress and available inventory to help optimally support the transaction and negotiation process with customers.

< li>Update and promptly retrieve customer information, transaction history, vehicle status to respond to customers.

  • Unification of product names and specifications throughout the system helping to ensure the accuracy in transactions of selling, exporting and importing goods in the whole system.


  • Minimize internal transactions related to the process of purchasing and supplying materials.
  • Inspection, evaluation, selection of suitable suppliers.</ li>
  • Track delivery progress, raw materials, prepare warehouse for receiving goods.
  • Store supplier information and transaction history.
  • Be proactive in managing and operating warehouses related to materials and finished products.
  • Suitable for management and performance evaluation of the company. Warehouse department.
  • Minimize operation time and improve warehouse management efficiency.
  • Always know the statistics of factors related to the production process quickly and accurately, maximum support for the process of moderation and production monitoring.</li >
  • Timely, accurate and detailed statistics of raw materials used, semi-finished products, and finished products obtained, providing information for relevant departments to grasp promptly.
  • </ ul>
  • Minimize re-entering of data arising in departments and enhance the control role of accountants.
  • Maximum support for professional tasks that require with high accuracy such as calculating cost of goods, calculating product cost.
  • Maximum support in analyzing and synthesizing production and business results of the whole system.
  • Minimize re-entering of data arising in departments and enhance the control role of accountants.
  • Maximum support for professional tasks that require with high accuracy such as calculating cost of goods, calculating product cost.
  • Maximum support in analyzing and synthesizing production and business results of the whole system.
  • Provide the Board of Directors with the most complete, accurate and timely information on all issues related to production and business of the company.
  • Up comparison and evaluation reports based on criteria suitable to the characteristics of the business.


bravo insight

BRAVO 8R3 (ERP-VN) is an overall management system consisting of 12 main modules.

With flexible customization, in addition to the basic modules, other modules such as Warranty Management, Logistics Service Management… will be additionally designed depending on the management requirements of each business.

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