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BRAVO software (ERP-VN) when applied at units specializing in REAL ESTATE BUSINESS INVESTMENT is a closed and comprehensive system, built and fine-tuned according to the management characteristics of each investor. .


BRAVO software (ERP-VN) when applied at specialized units about Real Estate BUSINESS INVESTMENT is a closed and comprehensive system, built and fine-tuned according to the management characteristics of each investor. The BRAVO system fully meets the management operations and processes applied at real estate investment and business units such as: monitoring the project investment process, monitoring the project construction process, following monitor the project delivery process, take care of the project’s customers…


1. Industry specific overview

Real estate products and projects are basically separate products from other products and goods and with real estate products (especially those associated with urban areas, buildings, adjacent villas, …). Therefore, units operating in this field also have their own management characteristics, different operating processes in all operations compared to other investment and production companies. From the perspective of a consulting and design management software solution design unit, BRAVO identifies some unique characteristics of units operating in the field of real estate investment as follows:

  • The investment capital is large and the project implementation time is often long: the mobilization and management of investment capital for projects involves the participation of many subjects, with many different forms of mobilization (capital capital). investors, capital contributions, loans from financial institutions, etc.), making the management and monitoring of interest rates more complicated.
  • Political and legal institutions direct effect: accordingly, the management of documents, handling of operations in internal operations of the enterprise must comply with the provisions of the law.
  • Distinctive characteristics of the products Real estate products: real estate products are different, different in value, in construction location, in design, in direction… separate operating procedures and policies.
  • Customers are not is the majority: in Vietnam, buying real estate projects for use or investment is still the story of a few customers. They are people with income and financial conditions. In addition, business services are gradually becoming a competitive advantage of each enterprise. Therefore, processes and policies related to sales, information management and customer care are also particularly important.

2. Operating Procedure

Describe the main activities

a. Setting up a real estate investment project

A real estate project is formed and licensed for investment – ​​construction, project documentation process , verification and licensing will take place in many steps. Accordingly, in addition to internal procedures, the issues that arise directly are legal documents and documents interacting with organizations and state administrative agencies. Therefore, monitoring and controlling the documents – arising documents related to the project is a very important work item for investors.

b. Selecting contractors and monitoring the progress of works The process of construction and project construction is officially carried out, spanning many stages and is in charge of specialized departments such as: Planning and Technical Department, Project Management Board.

– For investors, in addition to member units that directly execute project items, hiring specialized contractors (consulting contractors, construction contractors) will happen regularly. regularly, corresponding to each project. Accordingly, the separation of bidding packages – preparation of bidding documents – organization of bidding – selection of contractors will have to be strictly implemented, managing all arising information and operations to support the decision and selection of contractors. quality contractor for the project.

– During the construction process, in addition to monitoring the progress of the project, the investor is required to monitor the funding process and the process. supply materials to the contractor.

– When the project and project items are completed, the investor shall carry out the procedures for acceptance of the work and monitor the warranty and maintenance for the project. submitted to contractors.

c. Distribution of projects

– Distribution of real estate projects is organized in two basic forms: “direct distribution by investors. project” and “exchanges cooperate with investors, sign project distribution contracts”. As an investor, investors must simultaneously monitor business transactions arising directly and arising through exchanges, managed and monitored through “capital contribution contracts”. “deposit contract”, “sale contract”, “commercial lease contract”.

– In addition to the subjects being sales staff, trading floors and customers, the owners Investors must interact with financial – credit institutions such as banks and investment funds in forms of capital contribution and project support through “cooperation contracts” between investors and credit institutions. “triple commitment contract” between Investor – Bank – Customer.

=> Accordingly, in the issue of project distribution, the management and control of all transaction information arising in a timely, accurate and quick manner will increase the management efficiency with the investor units.

d. Project exploitation with project items such as commercial leasing floors, added services such as hospitals, schools, sports clubs (swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms,…).

–  Investors will be the units to exploit the above types, so the good management of all arising operations and activities will create advantages for service investors in the real estate market.< /p>


1. Organization of a software database offices, factories, warehouses, branches, etc.). Therefore, in addition to the needs of customers, when building solutions, BRAVO consults on solutions to organize and stream data for convenience in business operations, closely in managing problems. generate and synthesize all activities in the customer’s production and business organization system.

a. Organizational model for updating and exploiting system data

As mentioned, because the locations where the software is used are spread across regions Due to geographical location, BRAVO needs to build a data system that combines synchronous and distributed data solutions to ensure the timeliness of data  (for the problems of inheritance, tracking and management). generated data), continuity of data  (to ensure continuous sales and production when there is a connection problem, reduce latency in transactions that need to be connected) such as sales, inventory,…).

  • Data Model

  • Description:

– At headquarters:< /p>

+ Install 01 BRAVO software including “running program” and “database” on the server (Server).

+ At departments, computers allowed to access the software (Client) will be declared (machine name, user ID) and installed “running programs” for users to update information and data into the software.

< p>+ Users will be managed and decentralized in detail according to each user’s role in relevant departments, each department.

– At member units:

+ Installing BRAVO software only includes “running program” (not including “database”) on client machines of the department; users participate in using it. software to update and transmit online data about the software on the server at the head office.

+ The users are decentralized and authorized to ensure independence and responsibility when updating. data into the system.

(Recommended: to ensure privacy For stability and data safety when operating the software, BRAVO recommends equipping a backup server, a backup server serving two main tasks: replacing the main server operating the system and backing up data. of the software. On the main server and backup server integrate equivalent physical hard drives and configure according to hard drive Raid solutions: Raid 0, Raid1, Raid 10).

b. Grouping user data classes at each use location

In addition to inheriting data arising in the system, each department has private, independent and sometimes confidential operations with other departments. Therefore, for users’ convenience in operating and manipulating the software, BRAVO divides the user interface into layers (Layout). Specifically:

Pillar Headquarters of the Corporation

+ Layout of the Board of Directors

+ Layout of Sales Department

+ Layout of Investment Department

+ Layout of Technical Planning Department

+ Layout of Accounting Department

+ Layout of Administration and Human Resources

Member Company

+ Layout of Board of Directors

+ Layout of Technical Department</p >

+ Project Management Board Layout

+ Warehouse Department Layout

< u>c. Organize and disassemble the software database software, BRAVO advises on data organization plans suitable for each size of the business. Accordingly, the software’s database (database) will be divided into data trays (called base unit trays) corresponding to each point used to receive, store and process broadcast data. born at each point. And there is a general data tray that plays the role of aggregating/unifying data generated throughout the system.

2. Handling specific operations

a. Track the investment process

The process of real estate investment often takes place over a long period of time, arising a lot of documents from many different departments and agencies. Therefore, the management software system needs to separate the processes and manage all requirements and data arising in the investment process:

–  Make investment records and track documents project

– Make a proposal for investment policy

– Follow up and approve investment policies

– Make a project investment estimate

– ….

  • Some images on the software 

< /strong>

Update estimate
Update and track project documentation

b. Handling transactions at the Technical Planning Department art. With a large workload and taking place for a long time, the business support software system at this department plays an important role, supporting the management and tracking of all arising activities.

< p>-  Updating and monitoring project information and project items

–  Procurement planning

–  Invitation for bids and evaluation and selection of contractors< /p>

– Update and follow-up of tender contracts

– Update and monitor contracts for procurement of materials (provided for the project)

–  Follow Monitor the delivery of materials to contractors and projects

– Track the status of payment and finalization of capital for contractors

– Update and track test records project collection, project items

–  Track the project’s warranty period

–  …

  • Some pictures image on software


Update profile, evaluation and contractor selection
Browse project allocation
Update the progress of implementing bidding packages and projects


c. Handling transactions at Sales Department

Sales Department is responsible for managing all activities related to sales and distribution of project products such as: Cooperation with Real estate trading floors, Sign purchase and sale – lease contracts, track debts, manage project records, hand over red books, take care of customers, etc. Therefore, the software must separate the processes. small and coordinated, supporting all departments in the sales department to manage arising transactions:

–  Manage and track project status information

–  Management Manage and monitor deposit contracts at the exchange

–  Manage and track sales contracts

–  Manage and track commercial leases


–  Manage and track transfer contracts, past contracts

–  Track and manage contractual liabilities

–  Track status status and handing over projects to customers ….

  • Some of them image on software
​Update product information
Update and track customer information
Updating sales contract information
Commercial lease agreement
Update apartment handover information
Liquidation of red book contract

​d. Handle operations at the Accounting Department

Collaborate with the Sales Department to monitor and collect debts sales

– Coordinating with the Technical Planning department to monitor the contract and contractors

– Updating the cost estimate and collection by project (in case Direct construction contractor)

–  ..

  • Some images on the software
Lập và xuất hóa đơn theo từng lần thu tiền
Make and issue invoices for each collection
Update project estimate


–  Manage and track arising procedures and documents related to the project investment process.

–  Limit mistakes and errors in handling the projects. investment procedures according to mechanisms, policies and laws.

–  Updating and monitoring the status and progress of project implementation.

–  Decentralization, decentralize management of arising data within the Sales Department and with other departments in the system.

–  …

–  Provides a tool to manage and track all arising in the process of project implementation.

–  Instant and detailed update data for each project – item of the project, supporting the control and quick resolution of arising problems related to the project and the contractor.

–  Controlling and monitoring the progress of the project against the plan have built.

–  Control the contractor’s activities, distribute materials to the contractor and monitor, check, accept, pay and provide warranty for related work items and projects. regarding contractors.

–  Controlling the status of the products the company is distributing (Sold, in stock, blocked,…)

–  Controlling the price list, apartment selling price policy .

–  Track payment status, control and calculate interest on overdue debts.

–  Follow up the process of handing over apartments, projects and issuing books to customers. customers.

–  Customer care in the form of: replying to official dispatches, sending emails – mass sms.

–  …

–  Connecting and inheriting data with other departments will reduce the workload for the Accounting Department in accounting, recording and tracking arising economic transactions.

–  Join support and control, monitor arising data with other parts in the system. Especially the issues of tracking debts (receivables / payables / advances) with objects such as: customers, personnel in the company, suppliers,…

–  General and control arising data of the whole company (system of consolidated reports, consolidated financial statements,…).

–  …

–  Track and control the progress and status of work arising in each department.

–  Inherit and approve groups of data arising in each department (first policy) consultation, written reply, price list, purchase and sale contract, etc..

–  Control and monitor the progress of project implementation and construction.

– ….


1. TASCO Joint Stock Company

2. Xuan Mai Real Estate Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company

3. Hai Phat Investment Joint Stock Company 

4. Capital Hai Phat Investment Joint Stock Company

5. BECAMEX Binh Duong Mineral Joint Stock Company

6. M.I.K Vietnam Real Estate Development Company Limited 

7. HBI  Joint Stock Company



bravo insight

BRAVO 8R3 (ERP-VN) is an overall management system consisting of 12 main modules.

With flexible customization, in addition to the basic modules, other modules such as Warranty Management, Logistics Service Management… will be additionally designed depending on the management requirements of each business.

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