Hotel/resort manager BRAVO PMS

Designed with the concept of “Open System”, combining creativity between “programming technology” and “process system…


Hotel/Resort management software solution in the form of a base unit BRAVO PMS is designed according to the concept of “Open system”, combining creativity between “programming technology” and “document circulation management system” as well as “professional and professional knowledge”. With many outstanding features, optimization, close data linkage between departments from Sales – FO – HK – F&B… to BO, in order to improve management efficiency, it is appropriate to respond well. current and future requirements for 3 to 5 star Hotels/Resorts.


Depending on the specific units, the specific problems and requirements will be different. However, with the typical characteristics of the industry and common operating procedures, the common typical problems of Hotel/Resort units are:

1. Documents and information flow are circulated according to the following basic scheme:

< p>(1) Sales department receives bookings and services

(2) Sales department transfers reservations and services to the department reception department. Here, the front desk staff performs booking operations, assigning rooms, checking in, updating guest records

(3) During the guest’s stay. incurred expenses (restaurant, spa, minibar, room). Guests pay directly at the outlet or transfer the bill to the room

(4) The night-end audit will check and review all bookings</em >

(5) Cashier department accurately tracks all the services that customers use during their stay at the hotel, as a basis for making quick payments quickly

(6) Cashier transfers all invoices and documents to accounting department

(7 ) Other departments (Spa, restaurant, rooms, seminars) linked with the accountant through the voucher “Deposit slip”

(8) Departments “Materials management” and “Office” cluster are linked to all departments. At the same time, it will link and transfer costs to the accounting department

(9) The accounting department connects organic data with other modules. As a center for updating and developing financial management plans, revenues, costs as well as data collection to make financial statements, tax reports, reports submitted to superiors and management reports. /em>

(10) Customer care department

2. The software needs to be able to give regular alerts regarding room availability as well as the status of specific services of the Hotel/Resort. At the same time, it is possible to reverse query the information contained in the report to promptly handle instability issues.

3. With characteristics of operation and management combined with many peripheral devices such as: phone switchboard, time attendance machine, magnetic key, cash drawer, passport reader… Hotel management software /Resort needs to be connected with this system to create a unified system that is convenient and efficient for management.

4. Decentralize data entry and operation on the software. Control the activities of employees through manipulations on the software.

5. Control and summarize the situation of using rooms and other services after each day to adjust and distribute specifically for each service of the Hotel/Resort.

< strong>6. Make a report to meet the management needs of the Hotel/Resort.


1. Based on the voucher rotation process, BRAVO PMS Hotel/Resort management software decentralizes authority to each user in each department. Manage document status (Pending approval −> Approved pending completion −> Completed −> Locked, Canceled…). Use the status of documents to circulate according to the management process. Therefore, each department handles certain operations of the document and passes it on to the relevant departments for further processing. Just like that, the document “goes” through the parts and is handled according to the standard process. All relevant individuals, departments, and especially leaders have controllability.

2. BRAVO PMS has the feature of checking and detecting LOGIC errors of data, thereby giving early warnings of financial indicators, helping the management to be proactive and avoid risks during operation. The dashboard screen is designed to provide hot alerts at the current date: Booking up to closing date, decision date… Room availability, Guest birthday room occupancy chart, Room availability report.

3. BRAVO PMS Hotel/Resort management software is designed with the intelligent “Night Audit” Function.

– Check for errors for all existing bookings, support to fix errors quickly< /p>

– Check the price for each booking

– Switch the status of the booking to the date of discontinuation, Due in,…

– Toggle the cleaning status room

– Post fixed costs, room fees to the room

– Cut the date and move to a new working day

With the function “Audit Smart night” helps users control the number, availability of rooms as well as other services. From there, the unit can easily control the situation of its service provision.

4. Hotel/Resort management software BRAVO PMS gathers all data of departments up to report to investors and administrators. Providing the Board of Directors with supporting tools such as statistics, analysis and assessment of the current business situation as well as forecasting to promote the exploitation of room capacity in the future, grasping the immediate consumption situation. , revenue management to make timely decisions. At the same time, it also determines the employee’s work efficiency.


1. Effective administration:

– An intuitive reporting system in the form of a chart, combining many advanced features, easy operation, allowing monitoring and control of the process hotel operations, business results anytime, anywhere through tablets (Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tab,…) and on mobile phones with Internet connection…

– Provide quick overview of each module depending on each department (such as quick warning about room status, room capacity chart…)

– Interface screen The dashboard provides hot alerts at the current date: booking up to the closing date, business status, birthday reports…

– Compare and evaluate indicators of the same period last year.</p >

2. Fast and accurate data import and export: Simple interface, easy to use; The software has the ability to reverse the data. Open system, users can self-declare some parameters: allow overbooking, current number of sales rooms, number of extrabeds…

3. Flexible decentralization: Delegating permissions for each user, for each department; allows management of the Hotel/Resort chain model in the form of a base unit on the same software version. The software system has an open and flexible design, making it easy to expand the scope of management and design new features.

4. Safety, security, stability.

5. Effective governance affects each department’s audience

Effective: Increasing profits, optimizing profit management system; Analyze and compare with competitors; Control forecast future usage.

Reporting System: Total Statistics fit; Room status; Room usage chart; Sales report; Report on production and business results; Plan and execute revenue/expenses; Cash/Deposit reports; Report on loan principal/interest payment schedule; …..

Effective: Monitor and control hotel operations; Update business results…

Report System: Room status; Integrated statistics; Booking statistics; Daily/cumulative statistics chart; Room usage chart; Past and future reports; Reservation forecast; Revenue/expense reports for each department; Report on production and business results; .…

Effective: Receiving bookings, tracking reservations; Confirm with the customer; Get the services of booking conferences, weddings and related services…

Reporting System:</ span> Reservation forecast; Room plan; Room usage chart; Available rooms;…

Effective: Track bookings from check-in to check-out; Update arising transactions, print service list, issue sales invoices and submit revenue to accounting department…

System System Report: Revenue summary report; Room plan; Room plan; Room status; …………

Effective: Cleaning room, updating minibar transactions, arising laundry; Check room deviation, monitor cleaning schedule…

Report System: Assignment job; Room usage chart; Synthesize arising rooms; Room availability; …………

Effective: Serving breakfast, organizing parties, conferences, alarcate,,…; Collect money and issue invoices to customers; Report daily sales and submit revenue to accounting…

Reporting System: Table reservation plan; Table diagram; Daily sales revenue; ……..

Effective: Plan and organize menus; Updating material quantity tracking. Monitor inventory, make purchase requisitions; Report and pay expenses to the accounting department

Reporting system: Input summary – export – survive; Purchases; Quantification of materials; …………

Effective: Manage purchases with many different criteria; Keep track of payables of each subject, contract, order…; Make a purchase plan, pay debts to suppliers fully, on time and accurately…

Notification System report: Purchase order tracking book; General warehousing; Compare actual and planned purchases; ………….

Effective: Check invoice documents; Prepare final tax report…

Reporting System: Invoice revenue summary; Revenue details; Payment of the day; Basic business results; Structure of tourists made by accommodation establishments; …………


Currently BRAVO is a partner providingp Hotel management software/ Resort for medium and large scale units such as: KOI Resort and Spa Hoi An, Lasenta Hoi An Hotel, Ngan Ha Hotel, Thu Bon Da Nang Hotel, Vien Dong Hotel, Bamboo Hotel Riverside Danang, Bamboo Green Hotel Danang, Bamboo Green Central Hotel Danang, Luxury Hotel Danang, Luxury Nha Trang Hotel…

The lines shared by Ms. Binh – Deputy Director of Luxury Da Hotel Nang (belonging to Vietnam Vitours Tourism Joint Stock Company), one of the customers who together with BRAVO laid the first bricks for the successful construction and application of the Solution system. Hotel/Resort management software BRAVO PMS:

“Can share honestly I am pleased that in the PMS software market, BRAVO is a product born later than many other products, but the effect that the system brings in hotel management is extremely significant. BRAVO PMS interface is friendly, easy to use; All operations are flexible. At the same time, the working sections at Sales, Reception, Housekeeping, Meeting room, POS, Cashier, Finance departments have a close connection in data, so it helps managers to grasp the overview easily. In particular, I really appreciate BRAVO’s way of working from the way you carefully study the professional skills, the specific management method of the hotel service industry. Because this is an open system, designed on demand, before the customer’s problems, you always try to meet the maximum. However, you know how to choose and give the most suitable solution because you understand well and have an in-depth research. Although you have only just entered the PMS market, it can be affirmed that up to now BRAVO has been a stable system, a competitive product. I am satisfied with BRAVO products and support!”

bravo insight

BRAVO 8R3 (ERP-VN) is an overall management system consisting of 12 main modules.

With flexible customization, in addition to the basic modules, other modules such as Warranty Management, Logistics Service Management… will be additionally designed depending on the management requirements of each business.

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