BRAVO software applied at production and business units of civil electrical equipment

The system also solves specialized industry-specific problems such as procurement management, quality management,…


BRAVO enterprise management software (ERP-VN) when applied at specialized units MANUFACTURING and BUSINESS CIVIL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT is customized according to the industry characteristics of businesses. The system is built with the purpose of helping businesses manage and operate processes between departments closely and quickly, reducing manual steps. In particular, the system also solves specialized industry-specific problems such as bidding management, quality management, product warranty management, measuring equipment management…


1. Specific overview business

Civil electrical equipment is almost an essential device for people’s daily life and especially for operations manufacturing. Electrical equipment has characteristics that require high safety and accuracy, so quality management and measurement are put on top. Accordingly, the business process of this device also has its own specific operations and characteristics.

Understanding the management needs and the specifics of the Enterprise manufacturing and trading this product, BRAVO consults and provides application software solutions for the whole enterprise to solve specific problems, capture work processes, increase control for management.

2 . Scope and operating procedures of the software system

3. Describe some specific management problems

a. Sales Management

  • Track sales plan Sales;
  • Price list policy;
  • Debt limit management for wholesale channels;
  • Manage the bidding process and monitor contract performance: from finding customers, to preparing and submitting bids, to tracking bidding, promoting the winning contract;
  • Manage the sales process of the wholesale channel, the retail channel: from finding customers, to quotation, making orders, sales contracts ; tracking through approval levels;
  • Receiving and tracking customer complaints.

b. Quality management

  • Recording results of material assessment; Input materials and finished products;
  • Warranty product;
  • Tracking of measuring equipment.

c. Product development management: Store product development information, design files… From there, look up records by many criteria.

d. Production management

  • Managing production in many stages
  • Make and track production plans, monitor progress Work Order


1. Solutions for cross-department use

BRAVO (ERP- VN) total enterprise management solution (ERP- VN) is designed and used for all parts of a manufacturing enterprise – trade in consumer electrical equipment. Therefore, for users’ convenience in operating the software and ensuring security between departments, BRAVO will design specific “layouts” for each department or even each user location. . Each “layout” will stipulate the interface, features, operations, data, and reports appropriate to the user’s location. “Layout” is the interface layer that the user will manipulate with the features and data system of the software. The database class between “layouts” will be used on one database to ensure that data between departments is linked and inherited:

  • Layout Administrator
  • Layout of Company Board of Directors
  • Department layout Wholesale/retail< /li>
  • Bidding Department Layout
  • Purchase Department Layout
  • Layout of Warehouse department
  • Layout of Finance – Accounting department
  • Chief Accountant Layout
  • Human Resources Management Layout
  • Layout Timekeeping – Payroll

2. Some business management processes on software solution BRAVO applied to enterprises Sproducts export – Ktrade in civil electrical equipment

a. Quy sales operations manager

(1) Make and track a business plan number of sales

The program supports declaration of sales plans by multiple targets: period (month/period/year), business area/group/ salesperson, type of product/item, sales channel, type of customer/customer, quantity, value…. From there, the program supports a comparison report between the plan declaration and the implementation (in different types of chart reports).

Actual and planned comparative reports Revenue over time</p >

(2) Price list policy

The price list approved by leaders will be updated into the program. Accordingly, the selling price will be automatically applied to quotations and sales orders, making the price policy uniformly applied, increasing controllability and minimizing errors.

(3) Debt limit management for wholesale channel

Support program for declaring debt limit for each specific type of customer/customer code . From there, the program supports warnings and information when browsing sales orders.

Debt limit declaration form

(4) Manage the auction process bidding and monitoring the performance of the winning contract

  • Bidding document process

  • Process of winning bids

  • Profile information: Profile ID, File scan result of profile, Operation Confirmation, Sample Approval, Type tes t, Firmware, Hardware
  • Monitoring of Procurement Contracts:
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Signing Contract


  • % contract advance (contract performance guarantee, advance guarantee, request for advance)
  • Production monitoring, inspection (ask for inspection schedule from P. Quality management)
  • Notice of witnessing inspection and sampling
  • Coordinating investor in witnessing inspection and sampling
  • Determining schedule completion of shipment, completion of inspection time (XSX, Quality Control P., Material Warehouse)
  • Contact the carrier to schedule delivery (Supply Warehouse)
  • Delivery Request Form
  • Delivery Notice; packing list, number of containers Investor (investor’s allocation schedule)
  • Certificate of quantity and quality; maintenance warranty certificate; factory certificate; warehouse request; proposal for payment.
  • Consortium Contract: Requirements for Bidding Documents, Joint Venture to meet specific necessary requirements
  • Contract Batch contract, project: when the order value is large or according to the customer’s request.
  • Maintenance contract: Track expiration and promote maintenance contract.
  • Retail order: Quotation, payment before execution.

(5) Manage sales process of wholesale channel, sales channel odd

  • Track your sales process

  • Make and track promotional quotes

Update Quotation

  • Create and track i order fulfillment status

Update Selling Orders</em >

(6) Receive and track customer complaints

  • Make a receipt for customer complaints customer information
  • Customer feedback logbook
  • Customer information transfer form
  • Resolving information and notifications< /li>

b. Quality Management

(1) Checking and evaluating input materials/semi-finished products

< p>

(2) Check the template successfully products before stocking

  • Functional details
  • Information required for testing finished product samples: Type of finished product for testing (single-phase, 3-phase meter, DCU, Module GPRS, Module PLC…), start ID and end ID, quantity, batch number, sample ID number, tester…
  • After the sample test passed, the program Support to display the notice of quantity to be imported to the Warehouse Management Department.

(3) Bao product manual

    < li>Functional details
    • Build error list;
    • Build error cause list;
    • Program support scanning product barcodes to check the history of product information, sales information, warranty information (such as ID number, product name, production batch, contract number, sale date, warranty date …);
    • The program supports the traceability of the product’s production materials;
    • Track the progress of the warranty and return;

< li>Support for reporting warranty statistics.

(4) Checking private electricity meters according to Regulations 39: 2012

  • Functional details
    • Receiving requests and making inspection requests. Support to print and export the inspection request form file according to the form;
    • Support to connect information from the Inspection Software (connect via database, connect via excel).

< /ul>

(5) Measuring equipment management

      • Statistics of measuring equipment (device name, device code, inspection cycle, inspection date, inspection due date, inspection form, inspection certificate, notes);
      • Device notification feature is about to expire verification to plan a test – calibration.

c. Product development management: Store product development information, design records (model, hardware version, Firmware version, feature description…), component technical information in purchasing and production. From there, the program supports looking up records by many criteria.

d. Production management

      • Production documentation process

      • Function details
      • Support for linking, inheriting data between vouchers;
      • Monitoring progress of each stage, warning of overdue orders;
      • Monitoring over-export of raw materials;

< li>Statistics on the number of quality finished products, the number of damaged goods.

< /p>


  • Tools for implementing sales processes and linking other departments;
  • Supporting a lot of information and increasing alertness when performing sales operations ( pricing policy, debt limit, inventory…);
  • Seize sales opportunities, big customers quickly.
  • Tools to implement the bidding process, Control the bidding progress;
  • Control and respond quickly to the strict requirements of the bidding documents.
  • Control time of purchase orders, signed purchase contracts to ensure production activities;
  • Control inventory turnover, incoming goods cycle . delivery time…
  • Proactively and quickly grasp import and export orders from related departments;
  • Reduce data entry time, increase accuracy;
  • Management Effective and accurate inventory management.
  • Quickly grasp and well manage the status of work orders execution, warning of overdue orders;
  • Quick information links from warehouse, sales departments shop, purchase….
  • Minimize data re-entering in departments due to data inheritance and improve accounting’s control role;
  • Maximum support for accounting Professional work that requires high accuracy such as cost calculation, product cost calculation;
  • Maximum support in analyzing and synthesizing production and business results of the whole system;< /li>
  • Support cash flow management, ensuring the balance of cash flow in the business. Efficient use of money.
  • Reduce time for manual fairness, increase accuracy and transparency of public data;
  • Provide quick information on personnel when needed, thereby managing and better meet human resource policies;
  • Support for information, quick lookup on salary, other issues when employees have complaints.
  • Tools to support approval and assignment of tasks in management and operation of remote enterprises;
  • Provide leaders with complete, accurate information and most timely on all issues related to the company’s production, business, financial situation, human resources…;
  • Reporting and analysis tools for indicators financial goals of the business.


  1. VI-NA Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company -SI-NO
  2. THIBIDI Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company
  3. Huu Hong Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company
  4. Construction Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Cat Van Loi Industry
  5. Cam Pha Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company
  6. Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation
  7. Construction Investment Joint Stock Company And Vietnam Japan Technology
bravo insight

BRAVO 8R3 (ERP-VN) is an overall management system consisting of 12 main modules.

With flexible customization, in addition to the basic modules, other modules such as Warranty Management, Logistics Service Management… will be additionally designed depending on the management requirements of each business.

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