BRAVO software applied at commercial concrete production unit

Commercial concrete production enterprises must simultaneously meet production needs and meet…


In Vietnam, the process of “urbanization – industrialization” is developing strongly, whereby the infrastructure system serves this process. are also focused on developing by the government and businesses such as: Public transport systems, industrial parks and especially new urban areas.

To meet the needs of infrastructure construction With that growing infrastructure, construction investors depend a lot on subcontractors who are able to meet ancillary products that both ensure quality and ensure the implementation schedule according to the requirements of the project. strict time requirements of the project. One of the supporting industries that plays an important role in the projects is the PRODUCTION OF COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION (Fresh Concrete).

At these enterprises, has its own production characteristics (The production process is very different from other manufacturing industries) and at the same time, enterprises must also meet the needs of production and construction according to construction projects. Therefore, the application of strict and systematic management processes BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SOFTWARE support leaders and departments handle the complex business cycles of this manufacturing industry.

Software BRAVO 8R2 (ERP-VN) upon application at units specializing in  COMMERCIAL CONCRETE (Fresh Concrete) which are customized according to the  very specific operations of enterprises in the industry. The system is built with the purpose of helping businesses solve problems of administration and operation of processes built on software according to the goal of “quality assurance and progress assurance” .


1. Data organization system

2. Describe the main activities

a. Sales Management

  • As the starting point of the production and business process;
  • Projects, buildings and households Residential (retail customers) are concentrated in all provinces and cities across the country, so the scope of business is very wide, the distance between sales and production areas is relatively large;
  • Concrete is Specific products are manufactured according to the individual requirements of each customer (project, retail customer), so the contact information between business and production plan (engineering, dispatching, station operation) is always is instantaneous to ensure product accuracy, schedule, and cost per order.

Key steps in the process</ p>

  • Business zoning;
  • Manage project and customer information;
  • Make sales quotation;
  • Recommend design of distribution table;
  • Manage orders and contracts;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Track debtors.</li >

b. Production Manager

  • Production planning and transfer to the Mixing Plants;
  • The previous day’s unrealized plan will be make in the next plan;
  • Track and move Pump trucks, Tank trucks;
  • Manage vehicle information and records;
  • Control production as planned;
  • Troubleshooting.

Main work in the process

Planning department

  • Receiving orders from sales;
  • Order analysis;
  • Preparing orders production plan (by station);
  • Implement production plan;
  • Troubleshooting.

Vehicle management department

  • Manage personnel information;
  • Manage vehicle records;
  • Make delivery minutes receive the vehicle;
  • Update and follow up arising related to the vehicle (Repair, registration, mileage).

Operation batching plant

  • Receive the design of “Proposal for distribution” (from Sales department);
  • Receive the production plan n production (from Planning department);
  • Concrete production and quality management;
  • Vehicle and concrete load test;
  • Inspection vehicle transportation inspection;
  • Management of vehicles and personnel.

c. Purchasing Manager

  • Purchasing department is divided into 2 groups: Purchasing Materials (NVL) and purchasing supplies (tools, tools, umbrella spare parts) to…);
  • Aggregate purchase request information from stations and offices and carry out the purchasing process;
  • Track Import – Export – Inventory by each batching station.

Main tasks in the process

  • Request for materials/Request for purchase of materials;</li >
  • Update and compare, select supplier quotes;
  • Manage purchase orders and contracts;
  • Purchase import notice (details for each purchase) station);
  • Track purchases (details for each station);
  • Track NCC payables.

d. Warehouse management

  • Detailed management of Import – Export – Inventory of raw materials (Sand, stone, cement, additives) at each station;</li >
  • Data connection with the software of the batching plant to update the output of raw materials for production;
  • Track inventory in multiple units (M3, Kg);</li >
  • Data connection with accounting, purchasing.

Main work in the process

  • Import and track purchases (NVL, equipment parts);
  • Export and track export of raw materials to Xi – Lot;
  • Receive and exchange data from management software station with distribution data (data of raw materials release sheet for production);
  • Track the delivery of spare parts for repair;
  • Track the sale of concrete (receive data) data on the concrete output sheet from the station management software and compare it with the exit weight sheet).

e. Accounting Manager

  • As the part that inherits all data arising in the system;
  • Plays the role of controlling the financial activities corresponding to each business operation.

Main tasks in the process

    < li>Cash Accounting;

  • Sales Accounting;
  • Purchase Accounting;
  • Debts, Advances Accounting;
  • Warehouse Accounting;
  • Accounting for Fixed Assets and CCDC;
  • Accounting for Costs (cost of concrete, piles, bricks);
  • Accounting Tax accounting, Salary accounting;
  • General accounting;

f. Human Resource Management

  • Manage purchasing process (supplies, office equipment) independent of supplies department;
  • Administrative management (documents, distribution of work uniforms);
  • Human resource management, timekeeping, salary calculation.

Works in the process

  • Recruitment Manager;
  • Training Manager;
  • Manage HR files;
  • Manage attendance and statistics;
  • Human Resource Evaluation;
  • Calculate Salary;
  • Manage and distribute uniforms and tools;
  • Insurance.


1. Software database organization
The common feature of commercial concrete production enterprises is that the area and scope of production and business are dispersed in many different locations and areas (offices, batching plants, …). Therefore, in addition to the needs of customers, when building solutions, BRAVO consults on solutions to organize and stream data for convenience in business operations, closely in management of development issues. Generate and synthesize all activities in the customer’s production and business organization system.

a. Organizational model for updating and exploiting system data

As mentioned, because the locations where the software is used are spread across geographical regions, BRAVO needs to build a data system that combines a synchronous data solution to ensure the timeliness of data  (for issues of inheritance, tracking and management of arising data) and data continuity  (to ensure continuity of sales and production in case of failure) connection, reducing the delay in transactions that need to be counted continuously such as sales, goods import,…).

Describe the option

At headquarters

  • Install 01 software BRAVO 8R2 (ERP – VN) including “running program” and “database” on the server (Server);
  • In departments, computers that are allowed to access the software (Client) will be declared (machine name, user ID) and installed “running programs” for users to update information. , data to the software;
  • Users will be managed and decentralized according to each user’s role in the relevant departments.

At factory and branches

  • Install software BRAVO 8R2 (ERP-VN) only “run program” (does not include “database” ) on the client computers of the departments, users participate in using the software to update and receive online data about the software on the server at the head office.
  • Users are decentralized and authorized to ensure independence and responsibility when updating data into the system.

(Recommendation: To ensure stability and data safety when operating the software, BRAVO recommends equipping a backup server, a backup server serving two main tasks: replacing The main server operates the system and backs up the software’s data.The main server and backup server integrate equivalent physical hard drives and are configured according to hard drive Raid solutions: Raid 0, Raid1, Raid 10).


b. Grouping user data classes at each use location

In addition to inheriting data arising in the system, each department has its own, independent and sometimes confidential operations with other departments. Therefore, for users’ convenience in operating and manipulating the software, BRAVO divides the user interface into layers (Layout). Specifically:

            Corporate Office

  • Layout of the Board of Directors
  • Layout of Sales Department
  • Shopping Room Layout
  • Layout of Accounting Department
  • Layout of Human Resources Department
Mixing Plant

  • Layout Commander
  • Layout Planning Room
  • Warehouse Layout
  • Layout Manage vehicle and equipment assets
  • Layout Weighing Station

2. Handling specific operations in the Concrete production unit 

a. Sales characteristics

  • Sales partition, assigning access rights of sales staff (the staff in charge of any region can only track customers in that area);
  • Manage concrete price list (according to MAC, Slump, Station,…);
  • Manage sales quotes (project quotes, retail customer quotes);
  • Manage orders and sales contracts;
  • Updating the distribution request according to each sales order and contract;
  • Manage and track sales debt.

Some images on BRAVO software

Sales Module Interface on BRAVO 8R2 ERP – VN

Concrete price list

Sales Quotation

Proposal to align

Selling contract

Sales Order

b. Production characteristics

  • Receiving orders;
  • Designing the distribution table (details by each MAC, slump,…);
  • Production planning (detailed by each station);
  • Make a concrete export statistics sheet;
  • Statistics of concrete pumping (at the construction site).

Some images on BRAVO software

Production management interface at batching plants

Production Plan Interface

Production distribution table

Concrete export statistics sheet

Concrete Pumping Statistics Sheet

c. Vehicle and asset management, equipment

  • Manage vehicle and equipment records;
  • Make a vehicle delivery record and track the vehicle schedule;
  • Manage vehicle and equipment maintenance;
  • Make a bill of material delivery and acceptance for repair;
  • Track vehicle entry.

Some images on BRAVO software

Car handover record

Suggesting repair and acceptance materials


1. For Sales Department

  • Separate business and manage sales policies by region, by customer group (project customers, retail customers), by each salesperson.
  • Quickly manage and process distribution requests, quotations, and contract orders when there is an instant information connection with the Technical Department, Accounting Department, and Operations Department.
  • Track debts, concrete supply progress, concrete pouring in detail to each project and investor.
  • The homogenization of product names and specifications throughout the system ensures accuracy in sales, export, and import transactions throughout the system (minimizing confusion when transactions are weak). regional language factors).

2. For Production Planning Department

  • Closely communicating with the Sales Department during the process of making mixes for each concrete MAC.
  • Close communication with mixing stations.
  • Thanks to the management of the origin and quality of raw materials and especially capture the non-production time (machine failure, repair …) as well as the rate of defective products at each project (wrong degree of error). slump), can manage the quality of each product and trace the origin when detecting concrete products that do not meet customer requirements.
  • Controlling the amount of concrete supplied to projects.
  • Manage and monitor slump test/casting time at each project.

3. Vehicle Management

  • Manage all certificates and papers according to the vehicle. At the same time, build and manage detailed repair, maintenance and electrical inspection deadlines for each vehicle;
  • Manage and monitor the usage status of vehicles (excavator trucks, tank trucks, pump trucks);
  • Update bus schedules and real-time dispatch;
  • Track and control the entire travel distance, fuel consumption, excess concrete at each end of the vehicle.

4. Accounting Department

  • Minimize the entire data entry process from the warehouse – station to the office -> strictly control the process of importing and exporting raw materials for production;
  • Follow;
  • Reduce the data re-entering arising in departments and improve the controlling role of accountants;
  • Data tracking;
  • Maximum support in analyzing and synthesizing production and business results of the whole system;

5. Board of Directors

  • Provide the Board of Directors with the most complete, accurate and timely information on all issues related to the company’s production and business;
  • Manage detailed information about production and business situation at each station, each project/work under construction;
  • Make comparative and evaluation reports based on criteria suitable to the characteristics of the business.

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bravo insight

BRAVO 8R3 (ERP-VN) is an overall management system consisting of 12 main modules.

With flexible customization, in addition to the basic modules, other modules such as Warranty Management, Logistics Service Management… will be additionally designed depending on the management requirements of each business.

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