BRAVO software applied at MDF board manufacturing unit

The software system is built on a closed process since receiving requests from customers or…


General management software BRAVO 8R2 ERP-VN for MDF industry is a comprehensive management solution from input purchasing needs to production and business activities – standards consumption of output products, applied in enterprises in the field of manufacturing all kinds of MDF boards. The software system is built on a closedprocess from receiving requests from customers or from planning production and business -> production planning, planning and calculating the availability of raw materials in stock. Next is the setting of purchase demand  to serve production, the ability to set the consumption norms of materials for each stage of production, calculate the cost, to the monitoring, monitoring production progress/ delivery progress of each order, operating the product quality inspection/assessment process, etc., helping the Board of Directors control risks and improve the efficiency and production capacity of the Enterprise.

Solution Software general management of BRAVO 8R2 (ERP-VN) when applied in enterprises in the field of MDF production will be surveyed by BRAVO and consulting, designing and customizing software according to the specifics of the industry, the characteristics of each Company.

When completing the implementation and handing over the system, the BRAVO 8R2 software (ERP-VN) not only fully meets the features of data entry of the direct operating object but also solves the problem of management. industry specific, in line with the management requirements of the Company’s Board of Directors.

BRAVO 8R2 software solution is built with business processing modules for each department – department, supporting business connection between departments to link, inherit and control arising data, enhance work performance and improve corporate governance.

BRAVO 8R2 software solution has an open design (03-layer design), along with BRAVO’s capacity and implementation experience, it allows easy customization or expansion of modules, calculation management skills and operations on the software system in the future when the enterprise develops and has the need to change to suit reality.


It can be said that the birth of MDF board (MDF = Medium Density Fiberboard: medium density fiberboard</ strong>) is an important step forward in the construction and furniture manufacturing industry (doors, beds, cabinets, tables, chairs.. .). MDF plywood is widely used in furniture as a perfect replacement for natural wood, helping us no longer have to worry about deforestation, contributing to the protection of the natural living environment. of human. At the same time, MDF products are increasingly diverse and bring convenient and classy choices to users. In addition, when using MDF in production, it also helps furniture manufacturing companies save manpower, electricity, saw blades, sanding… This is an artificial wood composite product. MDF includes types: Polywood, MDF, OSB, PB, WB. According to the usual expression:

  • POLYWOOD: veneered plywood
  • MDF: fiber plywood
  • OSB, PB, WB: chipboard

This article will describe the software solution BRAVO 8R2 designed for units operating in the field of MDF board production.

1. Overview of the characteristics of enterprises producing MDF boards

The enterprise produces MDF boards with the participation of many departments and divisions in the business process, importing and purchasing in many forms, weighing station, KCS controlling input materials and output products, Warehouse, Accounting – Finance, Organization – Administration work together to perform a series of production and business tasks and manage internal operations of the Enterprise.

There are 2 methods to produce MDF board: dry process and wet process. We will learn through the dry process to produce MDF boards, as follows:

<3 → Glossy  Product Finishing  Packaging

Additives such as Formalin (additive for glue production)glue (additive for production of MDF boards)</strong > can be exported and sold, so the statistics of material consumption and production cost calculation require detailed implementation for each type, each stage until the final product is MDF boards.

Production is carried out mainly according to “Sales Orders”/ “Selling Contracts” issued by Bp. Business receives and handles, so every stage of production and inventory tracking of finished products must be monitored and statistically associated with “Selling orders” / “Selling contracts”. Monitor the progress of implementation according to “Order” / “Contract”. Track the delivery progress according to each “Order” / “Contract”.

Output products have strict quality requirements to be eligible for export, so the KCS operation needs to be done well not only for finished MDF products but also from the input purchasing stage to carry out waste assessment. products, deductions, and original products to have the required quality wood/chips.

2. Scope and process of operating the software system

3. Describe some specific business processes

a. Purchasing Management Process

The management of purchasing activities includes balance management, approval – import and purchase of supplies, CCDC, raw materials, etc. to serve daily production business activities at the Enterprise.Specific in purchasing activities:

  • Bidding documents;
  • Small shopping;
  • Competitive quotation;
  • Direct shopping;
  • Selection of contractors;
  • Bidding for transportation;
    • Purchase happens frequently so it is necessary to manage shopping history with different Suppliers in detail for each item. Also keep track of price history enter purchase of an item in multiple purchases.
    • Update/ Analyze and evaluate many criteria set out according to specific purchasing requirements to choose the right supplier.

b. Weighing station management process

  • Features of weighing station management:
    • The management and procurement of input materials (wood, wood chips) at the Weighing Station are closely monitored to avoid loss of purchased output.
    • Connecting electronic scale and Camera, weighing data and photos of cargo vehicles with license plates are automatically recognized and directly connected to Database of BRAVO software.
    • Management when the vehicle is on the scale when weighing in and when weighing out after unloading at the material storage yard → if the license plate number of the vehicle when weighing in and out does not match, it will warn on the software. At the same time, the “Weighing slip” document after saving will not allow the user to edit the data.
    • Share weighing data for Bp. Accountant: update payment information on “Weighing slip”, Bp. The accountant inherits this data into the “Purchase Invoice” and determines the accounting operations and records the debt.
    • Share weighing data for the Warehouse of Materials and Materials: on the BRAVO software, the staff of the Warehouse of Materials and Materials update the warehouse receipts based on the data inherited from the “Weighing slip” of the Weighing Station.

c. Business Management Process

  • Specific in business activities:
    • Sales management is done right from the step of Receiving Inquiry → Sending Customer Quotation, until Bp. Update business “Shipment order” (for domestic orders) or “Delivery order”</ strong> (for export orders) and complete the delivery to the Customer.
    • Business process involves many departments/departments: Production dispatching department cares about delivery deadlines for customers to adjust production plans reasonably. Warehouse of supplies and materials, balance materials to meet production needs. At the same time Bp. Business must also monitor the progress of Order/ Contract execution; Follow up delivery progress according to each Order/ Contract to ensure according to the content signed with the customer.
    • At the same time, in the case of “Sold goods returned”, Bp. Business is responsible for processing and tracking information on BRAVO software. Bp. Business conducts to update the minutes of handling returned goods; attach processing minutes (dispatch for consignment storage, sales minutes to other customers, …) and share data with relevant BPs:
      • The warehouse receives information, performs related operations and receives goods to the Warehouse;
      • Bp. Accountants receive information, perform customer debt recognition operations.

-> Since then, the software has produced statistical reports – analyzing sales returns to serve the management of the Company’s Board of Directors.

d. Production Statistical Management Process

  • Specialities in production statistics:
    • “Production volume” is updated daily, details for each Manufacturing Plant are data to serve for reports – statistics on production situation, and also data for comparison. Comparison of material consumption between norm and actual arising:
      • The software will be based on the “Random by cost factor” (the norm of production materials) set by Bp. Accountants declare together with the number of finished products to summarize the raw materials to be used according to the norm;
      • At the same time, it will be based on the actual consumption statistics to compare between the norm and the reality → give a warning in case if the actual material used is much higher than the norm .
    • General statistics and detailed tracking of the total number of finished products, the number of passes, the number of types, the number of bubbles as well as the analysis of % pass, % fail to provide an overview for the Board of Directors Directing the Company on the daily/weekly/monthly production situation of each Factory.

e. Process of managing inventory of supplies and raw materials

  • Specialities in inventory management of supplies and materials:
    • For wood materials purchased for production, the Material Warehouse will inherit the data “Weighing slip” (made at the Weighing Station) as the basis for the purchased weight. At the same time, the raw material inspection will be conducted to accurately assess the level of impurities/primary products in order to control the cost of purchasing raw materials of the Enterprise.
      • Similarly for the case of importing materials, equipment, spare parts, etc., the material warehouse will inherit the data of the “Acceptance note” (Bp. Control and update purchase) as the basis for quantity in stock.
    • Manage inventory of supplies and materials by location: optimize import – export – inventory tracking in warehouse operations:
      • Track import – export – inventory by location;
      • Location Warehouse Diagram on BRAVO software will be designed in accordance with the actual visualization at the Enterprise;
      • When the user clicks on a location on the Master Plan, the Detailed Warehouse Map will be displayed. When the user clicks on any storage location on the Detailed Warehouse Map, the “Import – Export – Existence Report” will be displayed at that location;
    • Implement inventory by using PDA to scan the barcode of supplies → minimize counting time, increase accuracy, inventory work is done scientifically.< /li>

f. Finished product inventory management process

  • Features of finished product inventory management:
    • Initialize Production Barcode and manage finished products according to Production Barcode.
    • After producing finished products, Finished Goods Warehouse will declare the information of “Battle” assigned with Barcode before Stamping and Stocking Finished Products. Package information to be declared, including:

Claim information:

  • Manufacturing date;
  • Number of bales (automatically increased in order of production declaration of the day);
  • Production orders;
  • Barcode (software automatically assigns according to convention on how to set up barcode);
  • Name of finished product;
  • Description of information;
  • Thick (mm);
  • Width (mm);
  • Long (mm);
  • Number of plates in the package.


  • Quality of finished products;
  • Type of wood;
  • Glue Type;
  • Grade;
  • Production shift;
  • Sanding shift;
  • Lot No;
  • KCS staff.
  • Finished Goods Warehouse will track “Export Order” (in case of domestic sales) or “Transfer Order” (in case of export sales) to export finished products for sale.< /li>
  • When exporting goods for sale, Finished Goods Warehouse will update finished product export documents, on each finished product export document will determine exactly which export order / transfer order.

-> Track the progress of the implementation according to the Export Order / Transfer Order, from which the progress of the Order / Sale Contract will be tracked.


1. Software installation model

BRAVO 8R2 solution (ERP-VN) has 02 software installation models, including online centralized data installation model and distributed data model – periodic synchronization.

For enterprises operating in the field of MDF board production, production plants and office blocks are often concentrated and have synchronized Internet connection infrastructure (in case there are many factories/offices in many locations). point) so that data can be updated/controlled instantly, BRAVO will implement a centralized data software installation model Online.

The Users will be managed and decentralized in detail according to each user’s role in the relevant departments. Each user user/user group user or department will have its own layout design (interface) suitable for the management of each user or department.

With the Weighing Station Management Model, each Weighing Station will include run program and independent weighing data of each Weighing Station. Instant weighing data will be saved at the server at each Weighing Station, periodically according to the time set up on the software system, it will be transmitted to the Server at the Company’s Office via the Internet.

BRAVO 8R2 software solution allows to connect remote locations via Internet line system with basic requirements on transmission line (common ADSL network).

Data stored centrally on the Server will be backed up periodically or continuously through the software’s automatic backup mechanism.

(Recommendation: To ensure stability and data safety when operating the software, BRAVO recommends equipping a backup server, a backup server serving two main tasks: replacing the main server operates the system and backs up the software’s data.On the main server and backup server integrate equivalent physical hard drives and configure according to hard drive Raid solutions: Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 10) .

2. Solutions for cross-departmental use

BRAVO 8R2 software solution is designed and used for all departments/departments in the Enterprise according to a closed process, allowing the linkage and inheritance of data between departments/departments to serve Management services and support for business operations are quick and accurate.

Each department / or even each user position will be designed with “layouts”, each “layout” will prescribe the appropriate interface, features, operations, data, data reports. match the user’s location.

Some of the main layouts include:

  • Layout of the Board of Directors
  • Shopping Layout
  • Layout Weighing Station
  • Business Layout
  • Supplies Warehouse Layout
  • Layout of finished goods warehouse
  • Accounting Layout
  • Layout KCS – Production Statistics
  • HR Layout – Timekeeping – Payroll

3. MSeveral Business Processes on BRAVO 8R2 solution applied to MDF board manufacturers

a. Purchasing Management Process

  • When receiving information requesting the supply of materials from departments, the Head of Purchasing Department changes the status on the system to respond to the requesting department.

  • Besides, the BRAVO software will refer to the employee diagram to decentralize the approval of documents according to the person making the purchase request.
  • Selection of status by multiple approval levels:
  • Head of Department recommends → Bp. Technical → Bp. Accounting → Board of Directors;
  • The Board of Directors reviews on BRAVO Apps.
  • The system records the browsing and processing status:
  • Agree: automatically pass the ticket to the next approval level;
  • Reject: display the feedback box and record the reason, then automatically return the results to the previous approval level;
  • Users who receive a rejection response will be warned in red by the system on the software interface.

Updated Interface “Bidding Documents”

  • Purchasing staff update “Bidding document” is classified into many forms and the attached printed samples will be designed according to your preferences. in each form.

  • Bidding Forms – Each form can be attached with a hard file or image of necessary documents.
  • Retail shopping
  •  Competitive Quotation

Updated interface “Supplier Quotation”

  • Update “Supplier Quotes” on the software to track and make comparisons.

  • After having “Quotation”, the staff will update the “Purchase Profile”, including many criteria for evaluating and selecting Suppliers

  • Evaluation is classified according to many criteria (referenced from “List of evaluation of bidding documents”), when selecting the function “Get evaluation documents” price” → related content automatically displayed according to the selected criteria.
  • Here can aggregate many Suppliers and can be evaluated visually.
  • Can attach hard files or images of important documents

b. Weighing station management process

Bravo software voucher “Weighing slip”

  • Detailed tracking of “Weighing slip”: “Weighing slip” will not allow editing/deleting after the user saves the document:< /li>
  • Weight date (according to system date);
  • Votes (auto-increment);
  • License plate (automatically updates information according to analysis data from Camera);
  • Seller (choose from object list);
  • Item No. (select from material list);
  • ĐVT (automatically jumps by item code);
  • Total weight;
  • Incoming vehicle image (taken from camera).

  • The goods truck is loaded into the NVL Warehouse yard, the NVL Warehouse staff is installed App BRAVO on the PDA, select “Weighing slip” according to the license plate, update the quality assessment information → this information will be added to the selected “Weighing Sheet”.

c. Business Management Process

Updated interface “Quotes, Offers”

  • From customer request, BP. Business conducts quotation (based on value, set price).

  • Leaders and Deputy Managers approve the price, then forward it to the Board of Directors for approval and complete the “Quote and offer” before sending it to the customer.
  • After negotiating, satisfying sales conditions, debt limits and approving orders, the staff updates “Order/Selling Contract” (inheriting data data from “Quotes, offers”).

  • Based on the Sales Order/ Contract, sales staff check the inventory situation and balance the goods to ensure timely delivery to the Customer according to the terms of the Sales Order/ Contract .

Updated interface “Delivery Order”/“Transport Order”

  • If “Delivery Order” and “Transport Order” are approved, the information will be transferred directly to the Finished Goods Warehouse to prepare for shipment.
  • Update and follow up “Packing List” to supplement and attach information when exporting in case of export goods.

  • Perform delivery tracking and order fulfillment progress: displayed in % complete

Track Returns:

  • In the case of sales returns, Bp. The business receives the dispatch of goods return from the Customer and updates the tracking and processing on the software.
  • Implement to update the record of handling returned goods. Attach the processing minutes (dispatch for consignment storage, sales minutes for other customers…).
  • Staff evaluate the quality of returned goods.
  • Warehouse performing related operations and receiving goods, Bp. Combined accounting, process completion and customer debt recognition, Bp. Business will receive information and control the process. From there, you can get Statistical Reports – analyze sales returns.

d. Production Statistical Management Process

The “Production Volume” Update Layout

  • Based on the actual production situation of the day, employees at Bp. Production statistics at each factory will be updated in detail “Production volume” daily.

  • Update “Production volume” with detailed information divided into many different Data Tabs, specifically as follows:
  • Tab “Production situation”: statistics on the number of hits, the number of air bubbles, the number of types, the amount of loss, the number of adjustments of each type of finished product.

  • Tab “Production Consumption”: Update detailed consumption data of each material to produce each finished product
  • Tab “Stopping status”: Update information, shutdown status
  • Tab “Brushing Production”: Update detailed information on polishing quantity
  • Tab “Brushing Consumption”: Update detailed consumption data of each material for polishing
  • Tab “Glue production”: Update details on glue production quantity
  • Tab “Glue Consumption”: Update detailed consumption data of each material for glue production
  • Tab “Production FOR”: Update detailed production quantity information FOR
  • Tab “Consumption FOR”: Update detailed consumption data of each material to produce FOR

Production details report

Daily Material Consumption Statistics Report

e. Process of managing inventory of supplies and raw materials

Input KCS interface

  • User evaluates the quality of purchased wood and determines the % of waste or % of reduction (choose 1 of 2 criteria of waste or reduction), the software program will automatically determine the % of finished product at the same time. automatically calculates waste weight (or reduced weight) and final weight.

  • When updating warehouse receipts, warehouse staff use the data link tool to inherit the data of Weighing slip/ ​​Acceptance slip/ ​​Order.

  • Supply and raw material warehouse will track “Finished production orders” to capture the necessary production supplies and materials, to track during the delivery of supplies and raw materials.</li >
  • The employee in charge of the warehouse of materials and materials updates the release documents for production.
  • Ex-warehousing documents will include detailed information about exported supplies and materials: code of supplies, name of materials, units, quantity, converted quantity (if any)< /em>, export location of each material to track import – export – inventory by location.

Description of the actual warehouse diagram on BRAVO software:

f. Finished product inventory management process

Initialize Barcode Production on BRAVO software

  • The Barcode Stamp Form will be designed according to the Company’s requirements
  • Detailed tracking information “Finished product receipt”: type of finished product in stock, details of inventory quantity of each finished product, parcel code – production barcode, storage location.</li >

  • Finished Goods Warehouse will track “Export Order” (in case of domestic sales) or “Delivery Order” (in case of export sales)  to export finished products for sale.
  • When exporting goods for sale, Finished Goods Warehouse will update finished product export documents, on each finished product export document will determine exactly which export order / transfer order → < em>Following the progress of the implementation of the Order of Goods/Transferring Order, from which the progress of the execution of the Order/ Sale Contract will be tracked.




  • Control and optimize purchasing activities to meet the fluctuating requirements of production activities.
  • Control and avoid loss of output and cost of input wood/chips.
  • The tool to look up prices, transaction history by materials/commodities, by suppliers, and to have quick and effective purchasing decisions.
  • Reduce the workload of setting up and storing Purchase Records.
Weighing station
  • Connect weighing data and Camera data directly to BRAVO software à Strictly control purchasing via Scales.
  • Share procurement data to reduce data entry workload and increase data accuracy.


  • Tools for updating and managing arising transactions of the sales process with customers and other business departments in the Enterprise.
  • Inherit and view finished product inventory à Optimal support for the sales process.
  • Inherit information about the process of packing, shipping and tracking the customer’s delivery and payment process.
Statistics Department – Production
  • Statistics on daily production situation to provide the Board of Directors of the Company with the most comprehensive and timely information about the production situation at each Factory.
Warehouse Department
  • Active in importing/exporting warehouses due to the link and inheritance of data directly on the software.
  • Suitable for the management and performance evaluation of the warehouse department.
  • Minimize operation time and improve warehouse management efficiency.
Accounting Department
  • Minimize data re-entering arising in departments due to data inheritance nature and improve the controlling role of accountants.
  • Maximum support for professional tasks that require high accuracy such as cost calculation, product cost calculation.
  • Maximum support in analyzing and synthesizing production and business results of the whole system.
  • Support cash flow management, ensure the balance of cash flow in the business. Efficient use of money.
Company Board of Directors
  • Tools to support approval and assignment of tasks in remote management and operation of enterprises.
  • Provide Leaders with the most complete, accurate and timely information on all issues related to the Company’s production, business, financial situation, personnel ….< /li>
  • The tools for reporting and analyzing the financial indicators of the Enterprise.


1Quang Tri VRG MDF Wood Joint Stock Company

Address: Quan Ngang Industrial Park, Gio Linh, Quang Tri Province

2Duc Long Gia Lai Group

Address: No. 2 Dang Tran Con, City. Pleiku, Gia Lai Province

3Minh Tien Joint Stock Company

Address: Binh Chanh Dong Hamlet, Khanh Binh Commune, Binh Duong Province

4Kotobuki Sea Co., Ltd

Address: Lot 104/6, Amata Street 24-2-4, Amata Industrial Park, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Province

5Lam Viet Wood Joint Stock Company

Address: Ham 1B, Khanh Binh Commune, Binh Duong Province

6My Wood Company Limited

Address: 9/3 Zone B, Tan Phuoc Hamlet, Tan Binh Commune, Binh Duong Province

7Cerubo Co., Ltd

Address: Binh Phuoc A Hamlet, Binh Chuan Commune, Binh Duong Province

8Viet Nhat Paper Material Production Co., Ltd

Address: Hoa Nhon Commune, Hoa Vang District, City. Da Nang

9Viet Nhat Vung Ang Paper Material Production Co., Ltd

Address: Backport Area, Ky Loi Commune, Ky Anh Town, Ha Tinh Province

10Thua Thien Hue Wood Processing Joint Stock Company

Address: Phu Bai Industrial Park, Thua Thien Hue Province

11Khanh Hoa Minexco Investment And Mineral Joint Stock Company

Address: Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province

bravo insight

BRAVO 8R3 (ERP-VN) is an overall management system consisting of 12 main modules.

With flexible customization, in addition to the basic modules, other modules such as Warranty Management, Logistics Service Management… will be additionally designed depending on the management requirements of each business.

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