Auto Manufacturing Business

BRAVO software solution (ERP-VN) applied at enterprises in the field of AUTO MANUFACTURING – BUSINESS is a total management solution, supporting leaders in managing
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Overview of Auto Manufacturing Software

BRAVO software (ERP-VN) when applied to businesses specializing in DISTRIBUTION AND AUTO SERVICES is customized according to the specific characteristics of businesses. The system is built with the purpose of helping businesses manage and operate processes between departments closely and quickly, reducing manual steps. In particular, the system also solves specific problems between Distributors and Agents.



1. Business Overview

The business operates according to a series of coordinated work between departments, from Sales Advisory Department, Purchasing Department, Warehouse Department, Repair and Parts Service Department, Finance and Accountant Department. At the same time, Enterprises need to strictly manage the policies of the Company, as well as the policies applied to Agents…

2. Scope and process of operating the software system

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3. Describe some specific management problems

  • Follow up the process of ordering suppliers and importing vehicles
  • Follow up the process of ordering suppliers and importing parts.
  • Manage Customer Information
  • Manage Sales Process
  • Mobile App for Sales Staff
  • Update customer care records
  • View vehicle documents: catalogs, pictures…
  • Manage distribution policy
  • Manage price list for agents
  • Manage promotions for vehicles, for spare parts
  • Tracking Dealer order
  • Tracking and process vehicle records and approving warranties
  • Tracking warranty activation
  • Follow up the repair service process – warranty
  • Tracking Service progress
  • Calculating the cost of repair services
  • Service statistics report
  • Follow up on the list of customers to take care
  • Connect the Call Center switchboard to store data
  • After-care evaluation report
  • Manage list of spare parts
  • Monitor the import and export process
  • Tracking material barcode
  • Tracking vehicle by code, by frame number – engine number
  • Tracking inventory by warehouse
  • Warehouse report.


1. Solutions for inter-departmental use

BRAVO designed Software solutions for all scopes of the automotive business – distribution – service. Therefore, for users’ convenience in operating the software and ensuring security between departments, BRAVO will design specific “layouts” for each department or even each user. Each “layout” will stipulate the interface, features, operations, data, and reports appropriate to the user. “Layout” is the interface layer that the user will manipulate with the features and data system of the software. The database layer between the “layouts” will be used on one database to ensure that the data between departments are linked and inherited together.

–    Layout Administrator

–    Layout Board of Directors

–    Layout Purchasing Department

–    Layout Sales Department / Sales Consultant

–    Layout Vehicle Coordination

–    Layout Service Department / Workshop Administrator/ Service Consultant/ Technician

–    Layout Warehouse Department

–    Layout Finance-Accounting Department

2. Some processes applied to Automotive Service – Distribution Enterprises

(a) Purchase management

–  Track the process of buying and importing cars

Based on the demand for the periodic order quantity and the forecast of the business situation, the requesting department makes a request to import vehicles.

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Purchase approval steps

Update Purchase Request

Update Purchase Request

Update Purchase Orders

Update Purchase Orders

–  Follow up on the purchasing and spare parts import process

Based on the needs of each arising service RO, the requesting department makes a Spare Parts Import Request

Steps to Buy Parts

Steps to Buy Parts

–  Purchase reporting system

  • Comparison report between plan and actual purchase
  • Purchase order report by delivery time: Quantity statistics (group by order, detail by item) to be received from suppliers within specified time periods
  • Purchase order tracking report: Track order progress (quantity/ value) for each item (ordered/ realized/ unfulfilled)

Plan comparison report and actual purchase

Plan comparison report and actual purchase

(b) Sales Manager

–  Manage Customer Information

  • Update and store Customer Information (Customer Code, Customer Name, Customer Type, Agent Type, Address, Telephone, Tax Code, etc.) BRAVO 8 software has the function of automatically obtaining business information through updating the “Tax Code” to help users update customer details faster and more accurately.
  • The software has the function of decentralizing customers according to sales staff.
  • The information is stored in a complete and detailed way for convenience in the process of information extraction and customer care later (preferential regime, gratitude, and congratulations on holidays…).

–  Sales Process

Sales process flowchart

Sales process flowchart

–  Customer needs

Sales consultants receive demand information from customers and update information “Customer needs” into the software or through the BRAVO Apps application.

Customer needs

–  Sales Quotation

Sales Quotation

–  Sales contract

Sales contract

–  Carrying out car pairing according to the contract

Carrying out car pairing according to the contract

–  Notify customers to pay

Notify customers to pay

–  Request to export accessories

  • In case the contract includes the sale of accessories, the Sale Consultancy makes a request to release the accessories to be installed in the vehicle.
  • The warehouse performs the export of accessories for the Service Department to perform the assembly of the accessories.
  • After the assembly is complete, the Accounting Department issues invoices for registration and inspection.

–  Recommend car and vehicle records

  • In case the car sales contract includes registration and registration services, the Sale Consultancy will make an offer to get the car and work records for the customer.
  • The Accounting Department updates the actual time of handing over the vehicle records, the Warehouse Department updates the actual delivery time for the Sales Consultancy.
  • Once completed, the Sales Consultancy updates the actual completion time and hands over the vehicle back to the Warehouse Department.

–  Car delivery plan

Car delivery plan

–  Handing over the car and activating the warranty

Sale Consultancy makes a vehicle handover record, relevant parts confirm

Handing over the car and activating the warranty

–  Sales reporting system

  • Report successful customer source rate
  • Report on successful market/customer area ratio
  • Car delivery schedule
  • List of customers who have signed a contract but have not yet delivered the car
  • Vehicle Pairing Tracking Report
  • Vehicle inventory report
  • Vehicle tracking report
  • Car sales revenue chart
  • Report on the performance of sales targets
  • Report on the implementation of the work plan
  • …..

Sales reporting system

(c) Manage distribution vehicle, parts

  • Manage distribution policy by Dealer, by Model, by Period
  • Manage selling prices for agents
  • Tracking Dealer order
  • Periodically or when it arises, dealers place orders for each model
  • Tracking and process vehicle records

Tracking and process vehicle records

  • Tracking Warranty and approval

Tracking Warranty and approval

(d) Manage Service (service – maintenance – repair)

–  Manage Service Process


Manage Service Process


–  Declare the policy of warranty, maintenance and repair

  • Based on the warranty and maintenance policy of the car manufacturer and the showroom (if any), update the declaration according to each car brand, vehicle type, and vehicle group on the system.
  • The program provides a list to remind customers to buy a car at the showroom when the warranty is due, maintenance and repair -> for the Customer Care Department to send messages and phone reminders to customers.

Declare the policy of warranty, maintenance and repair

–  Declare regulations on maintenance and repair packages

Declare regulations on maintenance and repair packages

–  Price list of services, spare parts and accessories

Price list of services, spare parts and accessories

–  Manage Appointment: handle the following cases:

Manage Appointment: handle the following cases

–  Quotation for maintenance repair / Quotation for items outside of warranty

Quotation for maintenance repair / Quotation for items outside of warranty

–  Check stock of spare parts/accessories

–  Finalization of repair orders


–  Issue customer invoices, collect money and hand over vehicles

Issue customer invoices, collect money and hand over vehicles

–  Service Reporting System

  • Service Advisor appointment tracking sheet for the day
  • Report the results of the appointment
  • Service Advisor Competency Report
  • Repair status of the worker during the day
  • Report a repair order in progress (Pending, Waiting for spare parts, …)
  • Statistics of repair orders that have not yet been finalized for acceptance and repair
  • Statistics of final settlement of acceptance and repair without generating sales invoices
  • Vehicle repair history at the showroom by vehicle / over time
  • Log track of vehicles entering/exiting during the day
  • Service business performance report
  • Report service revenue by many criteria
  • Report on the implementation of the service plan
  • Report on tracking materials, spare parts and accessories owed to customers
  • Material request tracking report

Service Reporting System

(e) Workshop management

–  Follow up repair orders

  • Make repair orders, inherit information from repair quotes and based on the progress table at the workshop, perform work assignments including assigning vehicles to the compartment and assigning technicians to perform.
  • On the repair order, the main information is shown: Time to perform, Type of repair (Copper painting, Repair, Maintenance,…), Materials used, Service performed, Labor performed, Recommendations – spare parts, next maintenance period,…

Follow up repair orders

–  Request to export spare parts and accessories

–  Make repairs

  • The system records the actual time taken based on the technician’s timer and shows it through progress boards at the service workshop, on the TV screen in the customer waiting room.
  • Repair Start/Stop/Pause operations are recorded in real time for each repair turn and are used for statistics and analysis of problems taking place at the workshop to improve responsiveness.

–  Repair progress tracking table. View the vehicle’s repair status through the TV screen in the waiting room

(f) Customer care management

–  Customer care process


Customer care management

–  Make customer care calls through the Call Center connection

–  Customer care reporting system

  • Appointment rate report
  • Survey results of new car buyers
  • Survey results of customers using the service
  • Report the results of contact reminders to customers
  • Noshow customer care results report
  • Report the rate of customers returning after buying a car by month/by car model
  • Report the percentage of customers who do not return by time period
  • Call statistics report – customer opinion
application efficiency


1. Purchasing Department

  • Vehicle / spare parts orders, ensuring response to sales activities and providing maintenance and repair services.
  • Control inventory turnover, import cycle, and calculate appropriate material needs.
  • Support to evaluate suppliers from the tool to look up price history, quality, and delivery time …

2. Sales Department

  • Manage sales processes and link other departments
  • Support a lot of information and increase alertness when performing sales operations (price policy, debt limit, inventory …)
  • Quickly seize sales opportunities, take care of and deliver for a better customer experience.

3. Vehicle Distribution Management

  • Control price policy, sales program, order from agents

4. Warehouse Department

  • Proactively and quickly grasp import and export orders from related departments.
  • Reduce input time difference, increase accuracy
  • Efficient and accurate inventory managemen

5. Service Department

  • Quickly grasp and manage well the situation of performing RO: repair orders, warning overdue orders that have not been completed.
  • Quick information link from warehouse, sales, purchasing….

6. Accounting and Finance Department

  • Reduce data re-entering arising in departments due to inheritance and enhance the controlling role of accountants.
  • Maximum support for professional tasks that require high accuracy such as cost calculation, service cost calculation
  • Maximum support in analyzing and synthesizing production and business results of the whole system.
  • Support cash flow management, and ensure the balance of cash flow in the business.

7. Board of Director

  • Tools to support approval and assignment in remote business management and operation.
  • Provide leaders with the most complete, accurate, and timely information on all issues related to the business situation of the company


1. Thaco Auto Co., Ltd

2. City Auto Joint Stock Company

3. Trend Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd.

4. Nguyen Quang Saigon Automobile Co., Ltd

5. Hino Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd

6. Ngoc Thanh Automobile Company Limited

7. An Thai Automobile Mechanical Co., Ltd

8. Viet Nhat Automobile Joint Stock Company

9. TMT Automobile Joint Stock Company

10. Success Technical Service Joint Stock Company

11. Vinh Phuc Trading And Service Import-Export Joint Stock Company

12. Toyota Okayama Da Nang Co., Ltd

13. Saigon Transportation Mechanical Corporation (SAMCO )

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