BRAVO Software Joint Stock Company specializes in research, development and application deployment of IT software systems into production management and business management in order to enhance the efficiency of operation and administration in the enterprises and business – social organizations.

Bravo’s key products are “Software of accounting – financial management, enterprises resource planning – ERP” and services.

Bravo’s advantages are its deep understanding of Vietnamese accounting regime, managerial features of Vietnamese enterprises, international accounting, and its experience in software deployment as well”.

BRAVO's Opinion

Therefore, in order to establish belief and dedication for its employees, BRAVO not only creates spiritual and material values for staff but also exerts itself to improve their living standards. These specific criteria are translated into Bravo’s regulations, and personnel-oriented policies.

Quality measures

Customers are the most objective and righteous evaluator to the quality of softwares, so BRAVO’s priority is satisfying the customers’ requirements of softwares in their business activities.


Each personnel of the company is a link creating its strength and success. As the result, Bravo always desires to gather the teamwork-spirited, creative, and responsible members.

Development Orientation

With the awareness of importance on IT product and service quality, BRAVO has deployed quality management ISO standard, and successfully applied this system from October, 2004 to now.

With this management system, BRAVO has standardized working process to all its departments. BRAVO commits to bring customers completed services, products and solutions for systems of “finance – accounting,  management” and “enterprise governance” as well.

With BRAVO’s business principles of “Key for management”, the confidence and success of customers are the driving force for BRAVO’s development.

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In the context of Vietnam’s strong renovation and dramatic development, each person and organization also desire to contribute to that development. Therefore, as the supplier of financial – accounting – ERP softwares with the target of enhancing governance capability for customers, Bravo’s business principle orients to “Profession – Quality – Continuous learning, renovation and perfection”. BRAVO has been made ceaseless efforts to be highly appreciated by customers about product quality and services and become one of their “Keys for Management”.

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Building and developing a sustainably developed organization based on knowledge, intelligence of the company’s members aim to enhance their efficiency of management, improve competitiveness and business activities via the consultancy on IT solutions and IT application. Thus, Bravo will contribute to the country development, community support as well as create the best environment of the talent-career development for all staff and enrich their spiritual and material lives.

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Years of experience

Development history

Development strategy

Market Target (until 2025)

  • To become the number-one supplier of “Administrative accounting – production software” in domestic market.
  • To become one of three leading suppliers for “Enterprise Resources Planning” in Vietnam (ERP - VN).
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Turnover Target (2020 - 2025)

    Aim to build the reputation by “product quality” and “service quality”, BRAVO maps out development strategy “To become the leading supplier of high-quality software for organizations and enterprises in Vietnam” by 2025.

    • Years of 2020 – 2025: Average growth of 20% - 30% /year.
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Organization - Human Resources

With 600 staff by the end of year 2025, the company will provide them with the systematical and professional training. Also, the organized structure of company at each region (Hanoi, HCM city, Da Nang) included: sales department, marketing, consultancy, technical deployment, warranty, business analyst (BA), product development; technological group; testing product quality (Test), general department (Administration – foreign affairs); accounting, human resources department.

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Lợi thế thị trường

Advantages - Market Position

  • We have strong workforce as a key factor for our development. The young and enthusiasm engineers regularly trained, who are not only updated with advanced programming technology but also have specialized knowledge of software application and perennial experience in deployment of big projects.
  • Focused on special market segments for the medium and large – scaled enterprises, we attained a high positioning and confidence. Monitoring and control the quality under ISO standard, we created professional working process and high-quality products satisfying strict regulations of customers as well as Vietnamese and international norms.
  • BRAVO’s solution is comprehensive with a scope of applying software to multi-departments model with “Flexible System” allows the complement and program adjustment in accordance with customers’ requirements and changes of environment, regime and policies in the future development of enterprise.
Product research and development


Company had been developed products

In Bravo, the amount of money invested for Research & Development is equivalent to 20% total budget of the company so as to improve new technology that focus on:

  • Modern programming language.
  • Large Database.
  • Research & up to date accounting regime, process of enterprise management.
  • Above all, we improve and control the Research & Development process under ISO 9001-2000.

    BRAVO software for enterprises with the following versions:

  • BRAVO 3.0
  • BRAVO 3.1
  • BRAVO 3.2
  • BRAVO 4.1
  • BRAVO 5.0
  • BRAVO 6.0
  • BRAVO 6.3
  • BRAVO 6.3 SE
  • BRAVO 7 (ERP)
  • BRAVO 7R2
  • BRAVO 8 (ERP)
  • BRAVO 8R2 (ERP)
  • BRAVO 8R3 (ERP)
  • BRAVO PUB: for administrative units, and projects of the government:

  • BRAVO PUB 4.0
  • BRAVO PUB 5.0
  • BRAVO PUB 6.0
  • BRAVO PUB 6.0a
  • BRAVO PUB 6.0b
  • BRAVO 7 – PUB
  • Quality control system

    Quality Commitment

    BRAVO defines “Product quality” and “service quality” as the key factor, BRAVO always pays its special attention to improve quality while developing and supplying products and services. We consider it as the most important to help us meet, and even exceed, our customers' expectations such as:

    • Each member of company must understand customer and consider customers’ benefits as the key factor.
    • Always supplying our best products & service we have for customers.
    • The improvement of quality must be paralleled with the application of new technology to meet customers’ need.
    Quality Management Certificate
    • ISO
    • TOP “10 Sao Khue” 2016, 2017, 2018, 2017, 2020, 2021; TOP 40 Vietnam IT Companies in 2015; TOP 50 and TOP 10 Vietnam IT Companies in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.
    • The process of “product development and project deployment” is standardized into many stages in accordance with the organizational structure and working style of the enterprises.
    Deployment process and service

    Based on the theory and practice of deployment, Bravo designed its own service and deployment process.
    Advantages of BRAVO’s service and deployment process are the capability of:

    • Control working schedule and deployment cost, warranty process.
    • Provide customers the most profitable solutions.
    • Manage overall-to-detail project scope.
    • Supervise process and situation of service-deployment and minimize risks.
    • Provide customers the fully training program.
    • Warranty of the best services.

    Working Environment

    BRAVO construct program to develop into a sustainable organization based on the knowledge and intelligence of members. BRAVO is, and always take human element at the heart of this development. Therefore, we constantly improve and create environment for members feels like their second home. BRAVO activities are aimed for generating a corporate culture with vibrant, comfortable, modern and professional working environment.

    BRAVO highlight the importance of the communication method and exchanges between colleagues within the company but still respect the individuality of each person.

    The entertaining activities for employees are always interested and facilitate for development such as: Anniversary of incorporation (BRAVO Anniversary), Summer trip (BRAVO Summer), Annual football championship (BRAVO Cup), End of the year game (BRAVO Game), Office decoration contest, Monthly birthday celebration, BRAVO Health Care Program)… BRAVO has been building an ideal working environment for staffs.