Machinery and Equipment management

Asset and equipment management is especially important for manufacturing enterprises, good management of equipment will help the enterprises to reduce the risk of failure, usage and efficient operation, minimize the cost of production of the enterprises. Asset Management Modules – BRAVO 8R3 with flexible, functional and convenient design will become efficient tools for mechatronic/technical in the management of fixed asset and equipment.

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Overview of Machinery and Equipment management

Support the M&E, engineering and production departments to manage the machinery, equipment, means of transport… of the enterprise. Management from equipment  information to maintenance plans; warning and monitoring the implementation of maintenance and repair; updating and looking up logs and equipment operation logs… to help improve the productivity and efficiency of the enterprise’s  operation of machinery and equipment.

Supporting and operating

Mechanical and Technical Department, Manufacturing Department, Purchasing Department, Administration Department, Executive Board.

Data Linkage

Link and inherit data with modules “Inventory Management”, “Prodution Management”, “Purchasing Management” and “Asset accouting Management”

  • Update and manage profiles such as registration, registry, inspection, insurance, detail of spare parts… of each asset and equipment.
  • Attach the documents such as certificates, verification, instruction, recommendations, regulations of maintenance of producer…or photo of equipment, file scan of equipment profile.
  • Update hand–over information, allocate or liquidate to departments or directly saff who use asset and equipment.
  • Update and manage operation history of equipment.
  • Flexible declare norms, maintenance cycle, replacement of each equipment such as number of days (month, year), number of hours of operation, number of kilometers etc. Parameters values are also updated timely for matching the ages of each equipment
  • Function, report warning categories, components, machine, accessories of each equipment coming to the time for maintenance, replacement.
  • Declare norms of consumable materials when performing maintenance, replacing each item of maintenance, replacement of each equipment. Update Supplies request for Repair. Warning the amount of material needed to carry out the maintenance plan periodically.
  • Updating inspection records of breakdowns, maintenance requests. Planning, monitoring and controling internal or external equipment maintenance, repair. Monitor equipment maintenance and repair logs

Flow chart of machinery and equipment management

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7. Machinery and Equipment management
7.1. Machinery-and-Equipment-management

Reports for management and administration:

  • List of machinery and equipment operations,
  • History of new/modified certificates, inspection,
  • History of machine status reports,
  • Estimated machine maintenance plan reports periodically,
  • History report on maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment,
  • Report on material needs for periodic maintenance,
  • Report on maintenance plan and repair of machinery and equipment,
  • Monitor the status of machinery and equipment
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BRAVO 8R3 (ERP-VN) is an overall management system consisting of 13 main modules.

With flexible customization, in addition to the basic modules, other modules such as Warranty Management, Logistics Service Management… will be additionally designed depending on the management requirements of each business.

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