Human Resource Management & Payroll Software

Having a good system of “Human Resource Management – Salary” will help businesses save time, costs and manage personal information in a clear and specific way. At the same time, the system supports administrators in monitoring and properly assessing the actual capacity of personnel, contributing to restructuring or businesses planning to train, exploit and use personnel with high productivity and better results.

The accurate, correct and complete calculation of salaries, bonuses, social insurance, … will help businesses save time, costs and manage personal information clearly.

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Overview of Human Resource Management & Payroll Software

Support to monitor the situation of human resources in every detail like recruitment, assess and training; calculate payroll, bonus, income tax and changes of staff; then giving overall picture of human resources situation and labor quality in the enterprise.

Supporting and operating

Departments of Organization and Administration, Human Resources, Accounting and Executive Board

Data linkage

Transfer data to “Finance – accounting, transfer salary information to Divisions and departments of the enterprise

  • Strategy of human resource management for each department
  • Set up recruitment planning
  • Update and manage resumes: curriculum vitae, degree certificate and experience, etc.
  • Store information about resumes, interviewing exam results (no gain) to be able to reuse when necessary.
  • Statistical reports, analysis of recruitment. The report compares the number of recruitments against the requirements, the staffing schedule between this period and the previous period.
  • Update and track details of training needs from departments: training needs, number of trainers, details of employees participating in training
  • Scheduling staff training as prescribed by the company (internal training), sent staff for training (external training)..
  • Report on training statistics. The report compares between training quantity and plan, requirements, comparison between this period and the previous period.
  • Employee Profile included the Personal Profile, Official Profile, Family details, Qualification, and Education details.
  • Updated information, personnel displacement through work process (labor contracts, employment history, reward, discipline, employee evaluation results periodically, increase/decrease in salary, etc.)
  • Report as personnel tracking as: HR analysis & synthesis report (probation, formal employee, contract labor 1 year/2 years etc.). Detailed records of employees, workforce increase/reduction situation.
  • Updated time-keeping data: data taken from time timekeeper or directly on software, data for calculating salary (according to productivity).
  • Parameters (basic salary, payroll factor, coefficient of health insurance, social insurance, personal income tax system, etc.) are designed and flexible declaration, which allows users to update the parameter values in the process of using the software.
  • Software enables to account salary in many methods as the workday, personal production or team productivity …
  • Automatically calculate and take parameters for overtime wages weekdays, holidays or wage for excessed productivity, etc…
  • Flexibly declare tax payers, the dependent objects for each employee, the income according percentage of progressive taxation
  • Calculate the salaries, allowances, social & health insurance, income tax for employees and automatically accounting according to each department correlated different cost categories.
  • PIT finalization declaration

Flow chart of human resource management, salary

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Human Resource Management & Payroll Software

Module overview interface

  • Declare KPI evaluation criteria and parameters
  • Calculate and apply KPI scale to report according to KPI evaluation periods
  • Establish norms and plans to uniform supply plan
  • Following and control the uniform supply process
  • Monitor decisions and commitments of employees when performing resignation procedures.
  • Perform vehicle registration: vehicle registration, usage time, schedule, riders… on the system, on the App
  • Register to use the meeting room: Room code, time of use, meeting content on the system, on the App
  • Manage and approve vehicle use registration, meeting room. Support software to give warnings when registering
  • Vehicle management report: report on vehicle usage, usage performance
  • Report on meeting room management: report on meeting room usage history, report on meeting room usage situation.
bravo insight

BRAVO 8R3 (ERP-VN) is an overall management system consisting of 12 main modules.

With flexible customization, in addition to the basic modules, other modules such as Warranty Management, Logistics Service Management… will be additionally designed depending on the management requirements of each business.

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