BRAVO on Moblile App and Web App for heldhold devices

The growing popularity of handheld devices such as Laptop, Mobile, Tablets, PDA. Along with internet network infrastructure, telecommunication networks are increasingly invested and upgraded in Vietnam and the world.

Sơ đồ web app

Method of data connection between BRAVO Windows App, BRAVO Mobile App and BRAVO Web App


Overview of BRAVO on Moblile App and Web App for heldhold devices

BRAVO has researched and developed management software operating on Web App and Mobile App platforms compatible with mobile operating systems such as: Apple IOS, Google Android and accessing used through popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer, Mozila Firefox… At the same time, these systems synchronously connect data with the main BRAVO software operating on Windows operating systems, optimally supporting the administration in enterprises, providing tools and information instantly and accurately (real-time) from anywhere to make effective business decisions.

Mobile app

Use the mobile app to update the data, check reports and approve documents

BRAVO Mobile App runs in parallel and uses the same database with “main software” to support viewing and using management reports

  • The main interface of BRAVO Mobile App displays as Dashboard to provide groups of data for the most overview on the performance of the company. Designed interface display compatible on all screen sizes of popular phones, tablets.
  • The report data is visually displayed as a combination of chart and data to help users access the contents of the report quickly and accurately.
  • All important reporting systems such as:

+ Report of production, sales

+ Purchase/sale, order status/contract report

+ Sales, revenue analysis report

+ Customer/supplier debt report

+ Inventory summary report

  • Supports updating groups of data that are of instant nature, quickly corresponding to operations according to the management process of the company such as: Orders, leave application, statistics, import/export note, …
  • Support checking and approving data generated directly from BRAVO Mobile App corresponding to data types generated directly, from main BRAVO software on Windows App, from BRAVO Web Apps.

Using functions, modules with interfaces on BRAVO WEB APP is equivalent to those in “the main software”

Designed to operate on a WEB platform with all modules, functions and reports similar to “main software” on Windows.
    • BRAVO Web App’s tools and functions are fully declared on the “main software” and use the same database as the “main software”.
    • The data is updated and saved directly to the database server (SQL Server), so after declaring the functions to operate, BRAVO Web App can operate independently and not depend on the “main software”.
    • Access to use compatible on all types of devices equipped with Web browsers such as computers, mobile phones, tablets … along with other computer operating systems with Microsoft Windows such as: Apple MacOs, Linux, Mobile OS
    • No need to install on the device and use online or offline on the Internet (WAN) or Local network (LAN).
    • Easy to deploy, apply on a large scale for headquarters, branches, stores, … at many different locations.
    Supplementing the application Webportal solution to solve the problems of accessing the system via the Web interface for users
      • Features designed on the WebPortal are simple, consistent, and cater to a large number of users.
      • Customer support: scanning barcodes, QR codes to look up product information…
      • Employee support: viewing attendance information, accessing payroll records, submitting leave requests…
      • Customer support for updating orders, tracking orders.
      The synchronization between the Winform platform and Webform will make BRAVO Web App take advantage and overcome the inherent weaknesses on Windows or independent Web such as:
        • Access speed
        • Development and addition of features
        • Synchronize data with other systems
        • Integrated peripheral
        • Compatible with access devices

        The main interface of BRAVO Web App software when logging in with a browser

        11.1. BRAVO on Moblile App and Web App for heldhold devices

        Webportal login screen interface Enterprise portal

        Screen interface to look up salary slip information on Webportal

        Kết hợp moblie app và web app

        Model of data generation, processing and storage on BRAVO Windows App, BRAVO Mobile App and BRAVO

        Interface to update ORDERS synchronously between BRAVO Win App, BRAVO Mobile App and BRAVO Web App

        Using BRAVO Mobile App with Web App
        In the production and business environment, the combination of information exchange between internal entities (leaders, employees) and external (customers, suppliers…) on the same software system will provide administrators with visual and immediate perspectives on enterprise:

        • For managers, there will be the most accurate and reliable information sources based on user updating data.
        • For employees, there will be a full range of working tools and operations not depend on time and workspace.
        • For suppliers, customers will have more tools to interact and connect directly with company in services serving the demands.
        BRAVO have been deployed for customers when using BRAVO software on Windows, BRAVO Web Apps, Mobile Apps at the same time.

        • Combined deployment of BRAVO Web App and main BRAVO software on Winform to serve operations of “ordering from dealers” in software deployment project for Truong Hai Auto Joint Stock Company (THACO)
        • Combined deployment of BRAVO Web App, BRAVO Mobile Apps and main BRAVO software on Winform for “distribution management system (DMS)” in the software deployment project for KOKUYO Vietnam Trading Co., Ltd.
        • Combined deployment of BRAVO Web App and main BRAVO Windows App software to serve “management of market staff and agents” in the software deployment project for Sao Vietnam Joint Stock Company.
        • Combined deployment of BRAVO Mobile App and main BRAVO software on Windows App to serve “production statistics” operations in software development project for Hoa Phat Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Hoa Phat Iron Co., Ltd. Quang Tri MDF Wood Joint Stock Company.
        The program login and information access from BRAVO’s handheld device browsers are strictly controlled to ensure that company information is protected safely, avoiding information disclosure affecting to production and trading activities.
        bravo insight

        BRAVO 8R3 (ERP-VN) is an overall management system consisting of 13 main modules.

        With flexible customization, in addition to the basic modules, other modules such as Warranty Management, Logistics Service Management… will be additionally designed depending on the management requirements of each business.

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