Software Service

Warranty/Maintenance of Software

Warranty / maintenance contents:

  • BRAVO software will be free for 18 months (this time may vary depending on the warranty). After the end of the warranty period, BRAVO will provide software maintenance packages for the next period
  • During the warranty/maintenance period, if there is any change in the forms, policies and regulations of the State, software faults arise, BRAVO will update and correct the customer without any additional fee.

Warranty/Maintenance method

Upon notice to BRAVO customer about the problem, BRAVO will base on the importance of the notice to adjust, solve or correct the problem by one of the following measures:

  • Send staff to directly fix problems or errors of installed software.
  • Via telephone, e-mail, FAX or Internet access programs will guide staff to use the correct way to solve problems or software errors.
  • Send the correction program to the customer by postal. With the problems such as Virus, electrical problems, hard drive failure, … depending on the level and terms of contract, BRAVO will conduct software reset for customers. Customer’s warranty claims are usually processed within the day.

Customer is the most honest and objective evaluator on the products and services of software vendors

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In parallel with providing a good product, BRAVO also focuses on providing a comprehensive quality service, ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.

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